Up and down

What goes up must come down because, well, gravity. Also because Newtons 3rd law says every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Can this concept possibly apply to life as well? Do our highs and our lows balance each other out? So when you experience a really high high, then at some point you can expect a really low low? Right? When you are head over heels in the clouds of happiness, is there always that rainy day that will bring us right back to the ground and remind us that nothing is forever? Do we have to fall in order to feel?

This year has been truly mind blowing for me, in both the highs and the lows. I have been floating on clouds and also felt gut wrenching emotional pain. I’ve learnt that I have SO MANY people that I have just met that will move heaven and earth for me and in the same breath people that I thought would move heaven and earth for me that have been in my life forever really just wont even lift a finger anymore… As you grow into yourself it appears that people grow out of you. I guess the important part is that you keep your head held high through the pain and disappointment and that you don’t jeopardize yourself because of the choices other people have made.

I really do believe that people will always do whats best for themselves in the long run and the ones who feel that considering you is best for them, those are the ones to keep close to your heart. Once you find love and respect for yourself its very difficult to overlook people who lack love and respect for you, but its also very important to remember that you should always treat others like how you would like to be treated because nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes every once in a while.

When you are on a really high high and you are not expecting to be kicked in the gut by people that you love, it can actually destroy you if you don’t actively have ways to protect yourself from the energy that these kinds of experiences can take from you. I find that when I have these moments I have to take time , a day, to reflect, assess and process what I need to change in order to move past what is hurting me. I generally write my feelings down and then read through them and once I fully release the negative emotions that have been created inside of me, I then write down what I need to change in order to move forward. Taking into consideration every aspect of my situation. Its easy to run away from a low emotion and pretend everything is OK, this doesn’t work for me, I find that bottling up emotions just creates a bigger explosion later on when I can avoid it by processing each incident as it comes.

In the end I’m grateful for every positive experience I get to have in my lifetime and I appreciate every negative encounter as well, because without the negatives I never truly would be able to appreciate the positives that I have had the privilege of experiencing. To every person who shines light into my life , who loves me, supports me and considers me, I am truly blessed to have you. To every person who contributes negatively to my life and takes from me but never gives, who expects from me but never assists me, I am grateful for you as well, because I will continue being myself and learning how to properly balance myself even while you create challenges. And even though sometimes your actions may make me cry, that’ s OK too because in my tears I find strength and healing and there is always joy in my morning. No matter what you do to create chaos, the sun will rise and I will heal with every morning I am blessed with, I will ALWAYS have the strength to overcome ANYTHING that gets thrown my way.

So even though what goes up must come down, its not how many times I fall that counts its how many times I find the strength and courage to get up again and throw myself right back up there where happiness and joy lives, and even though it wont last forever, its those moments of bliss that will get me through anything else that life throws my way.

I look forward everything that life has to offer, after all, this is the only one I have, so I might as well enjoy every moment that allows me enjoyment and when I have to endure low moments that’s OK too because nothing lasts forever and that too shall pass.

Live your life. (FULL STOP)



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