Positive alignment

Positive alignment voicenote

It’s so fascinating to me how the universe aligns you with EXACTLY what you need when you need it. You learn about the laws of attraction, in so many different books and as you read them sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it feels like that is just for other people and doesn’t apply to REAL life.

I started planting seeds of positivity in myself about 14 years ago, and a lot of the time the books I read didn’t blow me away with the information they gave me. Some of them helped in my healing process when I ACTUALLY did the exercises they had in them and others planted seeds that I would only use now with a greater understanding of the concepts fed to me back then.

The power of positive thinking can seem silly to most. It sure seemed silly to me most of the time, but I did it anyway, I changed the dialogues I had within myself and forced myself to catch the negative things I would say and change them there and then, until they went away… Did they go away? Yes, they really did. I’m not mean to myself like I used to be, in fact I actually say really nice things to Tammy nowadays. Changing my internal dialogue has been one of the most rewarding exercises that I continue to practice to this day. Because once you change your thoughts into positive ones and then you actually start believing in yourself, and as a result you make the changes that are NECESSARY to improve your life. You make those difficult decisions that create a sense of fear inside of you and you do what’s best for you even though you feel that fear. It’s like a domino effect, once you start one exercise everything else begins to fall into place. Choices change, lifestyles change, friends change, circles change and jobs change. You become a truer version of yourself with each passing day or at least I do.

I find that sometimes I slip into a negative mode for a moment and in that space someone comes along really quickly and just in time and nudges me in the right direction, with the simplest of gestures, without even realising that they are helping me to find my positive space again. People that cross my path now are people that add value to my life. I am not selecting them, it’s a mutual crossing of like-minded people or people on the same level of energy vibrations that are drawn to each other. I look around me and I see so much change, so many new faces, so many old faces and so much light in my life.

Whoever said that it would be easy to make these changes lied. Because it’s HARD work and endless hours of doing things that sometimes even make you feel silly. But in the end the result is always growth. Learning new ways to be, new ways to see, new ways to live and new ways to grow is so vital to personal mastery. Practice is key, we can’t learn something and not practice it and then expect to master it! Personal mastery takes work and effort and if you look around you, and you see positive vibrations all around you like I do, then you know that all the blood sweat and tears have been worth it and that the big man upstairs is smiling at your progress pushing you along to be the creator that HE CREATED YOU TO BE.

GOD is in all of us, we need to remember that. We are not useless, we are not hopeless, in fact we are made in the image of our creator and we are born to be great, if only we took the time to tap into our capabilities as beings we would all learn to fly (not literally) because we are runners and dont have wings , but we can create them, build them and improvise! We are all born creators. Do the work and find your gift and start creating!

Look around you, what do you see? Don’t like it? Change it! Find yourself and run as fast as you can with all of your being and be the greatest at being you. But don’t forget that the people you meet along the way are there to grow you, teach you, love you and unplift you, so take care that you are kind and loving as well. Arrogance will get you nowhere and people will be scarce as a result. Always be grateful and humble.

Remember to whom much is given , much is required.

Live your life with humility, because we are all fighting our own struggle.



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