Cycles and circles

Voice note

Everything in nature seems to have a cycle. We are born, we live and we die. The sun rises and it moves across the sky (or appears to because the sun doesnt actually move) and then it sets in all of its beauty and wonder. Plants have their own cycles too, each one unique to the individual plant. It’s beautiful to watch, this thing called life in all of its forms. Sometimes when we are really in tune with life we get to notice the little things that will take our breath away every single time!

I noticed though that it’s only us humans that within our cycle of life we create circles of destruction that not only affects us, but the entire planet as well. I see this within my own life as well as many others. We react to a scenario whether negative or positive, and then we base everything around that one thing, that one thought, and for years we have the same scenario playing out repeatedly because we do not see the circle that we have placed ourselves into. Facebook memories shows me every year on that day what I posted every year on that date for as far back as when I first started posting on facebook. I found that everything I did had a time and a path, I would want to lose weight every year around about the same time, I would feel the need for changes more or less the same time, I would date the same kind of man repeatedly not growing from previous experiences. I literally went in circles for about 10 years making the same mistakes in different forms and not learning from them, thus making them repeatedly without even realising it and spinning in circles not moving forward nor backwards.

Change came only when I realised that I was not moving in any direction, it came when I was willing to make the tough choices that made me uncomfortable; when I left the job that held me hostage, when I started the blog that I was afraid to start, when I stood up for myself instead of just pretending it was ok, and when I took time off from dating to assess why I was making these choices and what I needed to heal in myself before dating again. Change came when I started listening not only to what others had to say but also to what I felt inside, it came when I began to prioritise myself and look into who I am not who they want me to be. Change only came when I changed … and the circle was finally broken and instead of trying to lose weight for a month and then again in 6 months, I have made consistency a priority and therefore changing my eating as a whole and making it a lifestyle choice instead of a short term diet. It came when I overcame my fears and travelled even though it was out of my comfort zone. It came when I took a dance class, and made the difficult adjustments to improve my lifestyle.

Your life cycle does not have to be a circle of repetitive mistakes, you do not have to spin out of control. If you take the time to catch yourself no matter how fast you are spinning, to stop yourself from getting dizzy with the noise and fear and confusion that life throws at you. It can be a cycle of truth and love and challenges, and not a life spinning out of control because you didnt take the time to STOP, and ASSESS. and BE QUIET enough to listen to your heart and to live your life with eyes wide open instead of sleepwalking through a circle of dizzyspells.

Make your life one that counts, one that leaves behind a better path for your loved ones, one that creates a legacy in your name and when people speak of you, there are smiles on their faces when they remember the person you once were. Make your life the best one that you can have, and don’t accept the scraps that the world wants you to believe is all that you are worth, because you ARE worth EVERYTHING your heart desires and you can HAVE EVERYTHING your heart desires, if you only take the time to stop, and listen to your inner voice that whispers and guides you through everyday. Take the time to DECIDE who you WANT to be and then work every day to become that person. It’s not and easy process, it’s tiring and its overwhelming at times, but everytime you reach a milestone, EVERY SINGLE TIME you achieve a goal, no matter how small, the reward is so great and the feeling of accomplishment is so beautiful and you realise that one step at a time you CAN bring everything your heart desires and one day at a time you can build the life that you wish to have.

Dont listen to the noise, move away from the negativity, focus on your self and your goals and always be kind even when you dont want to, always be grateful even for the negative experiences, because from them you will grow. Always learn the lesson so that you dont have to repeat the test, because life WILL keep giving the same test repeatedly until you learn to master the skills needed in order to pass the test and move to the next phase of your life. It may not get easier, but it will get better and with every accomplishment will come great reward, and with great reward will come great responsibility, because that i the cycle of prosperity and that’s the cycle you want to find yourself living.

Live your life in a cycle of growth of self and not in a circle of repeated mistakes and self destruction.

Thank you so much for the support and the love! i feel it , I embrace it and I am so grateful.


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