Notes to self

Just a quick note to myself and whoever needs to hear this…

If you stay true to who you are inside you will always win, if you always doubt yourself, you allow weakness to creep in and give negativity a gap to take over.

Other people are always acting in their own best interest, even if they dont think they are, its human nature, just like how you are always acting in your own best interest.

Don’t do anything without putting your heart into it first, because if you do something half heartedly whats the point?

When you love someone, love them unconditionally without any expectations in return. True love expects nothing but gives with all its might. You learn this when you become a parent. You love your little one unconditionally and you will give them everything no matter the cost. This is true love, this is how you love in all areas, if love is what you feel. Not many people will have this capability, but thats ok too because they too will be loved unconditionally and without expectation, because if you love and expect something in return, then your love is a self serving one and only meant for your benefit.

Nobody is more important or less important than you are, not the millionare and not the beggar, you will all die just the same even though you live very differently. RESPECT EVERYONE!

You are worth every effort you put into yourself, dont give up. Believe in your dreams and spend time working on them every single day.

Be grateful

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

Just BE.



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