It comes from everywhere

Inspiration doesn’t come from a single place. It’s a collective of things and experiences that occur over a period of time. After a series of pictures and words, there is that one moment of… ‘I can do this’ that sparks a flame inside of your soul and only you can hold you back from leaping into the joy that it creates inside your heart and the picture that it creates inside your mind.

Once upon a time I had a picture in my mind; it was created by the things that I’ve seen and the things that I’ve experienced. One day the picture in my mind that I held onto became a reality and I wondered to myself ‘how did I get here?’ It was a dark picture of pain and suffering, but something inside of me knew that I was more than this pain and I was better than these choices. It came in the form of people telling me how creative I was, how talented I was and in things that I would see randomly in the form of videos or even in books. People saw things in me that I could not see in myself; I was regularly told that I was full of potential. As the years went by, I had overlooked all the seeds that were planted in my mind, because I didn’t really believe I was any of those things. Not deep down in my core. It took a wakeup call of near death to show me that I am full of so much more than darkness. It took years of little signs and signals to remind me that I was made for more. Once I realised that I am more than this dark space, the seeds of light that had been planted in me began to grow, they began to surface. I took the time to find love for myself, to forgive myself and to heal myself through books and through research and going through the process of acknowledging EVERYTHING that I am and accepting it. Layer after layer I peel information about myself out of my brain and process it for what it is.

I meet people every day that inspire me to be better. I see love every day that inspires me to love more. I see joy every day that inspires me to be joyful. The more I live my life to its full capacity and potential the more I grow within myself and the more I grow within myself the more I see the potential in everything and everyone around me. How nothing is by chance, how broken watches and cracked sunglasses all happen for a reason. I may not have a full understanding of the reason, but I acknowledge it for what it is; a sign , a signal and a part of my process.

My eyes were closed to the reality of my choices. Once I opened them and took a close look at the choices I had made and chose differently, my world opened up before me and created a new reality one that I could have never even imagined. But now I do, now I see, now I dream, because now I know that the true potential in me has always been there and it’s up to me to unlock every corner of my ability. Nobody else can do that for me. It’s in everything I say and everything I do. Every choice I make and every step I CHOOSE to take.

When I look around I see the beauty of all my answers at my fingertips. They are everywhere all the time. All I have to do is surrender myself to the possibilities and close my eyes and let myself fall into myself.

Live your life with open eyes, not your physical eyes but your spiritual eyes.




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