My Croatian Summer Salsa Festival adventure – Part 3 – The Squad

For my listeners who dont care for reading!
Cocktails with a view

I think amidst all the hype what I found to be most rewarding were the friendships created! The time day 3 arrived for me it was already time for my roomies to leave because they had been there for the full 2 weeks and my first goodbye to Mirta over drinks at Havanna cocktail bar was the start of my day. If I may note that it is 4pm and my day was just starting. The plan was to do one last round of Amarin after my goodbyes to Mirta. But there I was scrolling through facebook, and I see that there are tickets to go on the Bachata boat party… I had not been on a boat party as yet, because when you make last minute trips everything is sold out by the time you want to get them. I was so 2 minded , do I, dont I? So when Pat arrived to go to Amarin I let her know what my dilemma was. As always Pat was a YES girl and said “Go for it!”. But her and Gen were still doing Amarin. Or so they thought because once I got my tickets I saw them running towards me with a changed mind! YES! The girls were in it to win it!! Spontaneous parties are always the best ever!

I’m going to say that the Bachata Boat party with DJ Julian Mr M and DJ Latin Master was of epic proportions! The energy on this Boat was up in the sky! We had our South African squad, doing it the South African way! We are not a quiet bunch, that’s all I have to say! When the DJ said everyone can jump off the boat now I was like, wait… what? No freekin way! Then everyone jumps in the water, including Genevieve. Uh… I’m good thanks, we have sharks where I come from… staying on the boat especially when Julian said there are Jellyfish on the other side of the boat… Nope, not happening. Happy to watch! Happy to dance and soak in the energy. My energy tanks were so filled after that party! Positive absorption for days! It was such a vibe! Next year I’m on that boat, that’s a promise!

Dinner vibes after the boat party were just as lit, I mean when you are surrounded by amazing people ALL THE TIME you cannot avoid having the time of your life… Dinner with friends as the sun sets after the most epic boat party ever… we brought all that energy with us.

Saturday night celebration party! I have to say that the guys on this particular evening were looking VERY JUICY all cleaned up and dressed in their smarts. I mean, it was eye candy for days… what? Looking is for free, I was very well behaved on this trip! I managed to escape the pull of temptation and just dance my way through! The shows were off the chain, and before I knew it, I had to say goodbye to my roomie Prideel. Left to myself in the apartment … mmm whatever will I do?? Hahahah just kidding… I slept, that’s what I did for half of Sunday because I needed rest before the mother of all pool parties were to happen. By now I had officially gate-crashed Gen & Pats duo, it was now a trio, but then there were the boys, and we had evolved into what became theee best squad we could have ever put together. Not by choice, not by chance, but by the sheer pull of amazing souls toward each other!

Pool party vibes

I’m going to rave about this pool party, because it deserves every second of me raving! I was not ready! I was dancing in the pool, out the pool, I’ve definitely found a happy place in Bachata, I know Robert is going to give me a hard time for saying this… But even though I can’ t really dance it properly YET, I have found a happy place in it… I blame Angelica, hahaha she did this to me and grew a little something in my heart in London. I love her for it though… Again the Dj’s on the bachata/Kizomba floor were off the freakin chain! Everyone who knows me knows I hardly ever let my hair down , and not for long periods of time… These guys had me jumping up and down, shaking things that haven’t been shook in a while and did I mention by the end of the pool party, my voice was gone. Poof … no more voice. I was a kid again, free of all the stresses of life, this is what its meant to be like, this is what freedom feels like! My love for this day cannot be explained. I loved it so much that when it was over I went to sleep. It was midnight though, but there was no room left for more… I literally crashed, for a solid 8 hours and then some. It was a good thing too because Gen & Pat had more boat party ideas!


So the guys had bought tickets for the sensual mix boat, and we were winging it AGAIN because we had no tickets for this boat. The struggle was real, but fingers crossed we could get tickets … and we did. It’s very unlike me to behave like this, I’m usually very prepared and together, but it was so much fun winging this holiday and just hoping for the best. Ah Sam was on this boat with us! Yay more friends. I felt like we had our very own private party because our squad found a corner and we stayed there causing all sorts of havoc! This time I jumped off the boat!! It was such a freeing experience to just do it without thinking too much. It was easy when every single person from your squad was shouting jump, jump , jump. Talk about peer pressure. But I am no party pooper and so I jumped in the fire with everyone else .. oops did I say fire… I meant water (hehehe).

Our last night in Croatia and we had to have one more dinner to remember, at the Mexican restuarant (cannot remember the name). Dinner and dancing (well my friends were dancing, I just watched). I was honestly done. Tired was not the word to describe me. I was happy to laugh and eat and just soak in the final moments of these amazing people that I met and the ones that I already knew. We brought our A game to dinner though… we were the vibe that night at the restuarant! Thank goodness I had packed already before the boat and I didn’t have much left to do.

Bonding with Jean

My last night, I danced once. The rest of my evening was a night of photos and bonding with Jean. I’m so glad I got to spend a decent amount of time with her before I left. What a lovely human being she is and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Some last minute retail therapy, to heal our tired souls. Some last minute photo sessions. Lots of squeezes and finally it was over. I chose to spend my last moments in the bachata room because I knew that DJ Julian Mr M would be bringing the house down until the last second (I have proof) and because all my friends were there (hahaha)! Lights on, music off. Everything was over, I had a ferry to catch but not before I got to say goodbye to all my favourite people… sadness filled some eyes, I saw a tear or 2, but there was nothing but love that filled the air as everyone made their way out of the Adris Tobacco factory, feeling a mixture of emotions in disbelief that it was actually over!

Living my best life

It has to have been one of the most eye opening experiences I have had in my life. Where I experienced so much love in so many different forms with so many different people who all had one goal in common… to dance. I made new friends that I will always cherish, I got to see old friends (not so old, but not new anymore). What I realised is that THIS IS LIFE. It is the very moment you are in right now. It is not only when you do something amazing that you are living, but EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. As I write this I LIVE. As I remember these moments I LIVE. I live as brightly NOW as I did while I lived all these moments.

My wish for you is to not let your NOW pass you by, because your NOW is your life. If you dont like where you are now, then work towards making the changes you need to make. 2 years ago my now was not what I wanted and I took the time to make the changes. Every day I see the rewards of all the hard work I have been putting into my changes and my now. Make your now the one you always dream of living.

Live your life NOW, dont wait for later because it may never come.


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