My Croatia summer salsa festival adventure – part 1

It’s time to look back and review all the happenings of my adventures in Croatia. First I’m going to say, “I was never ready for this experience! It pulled me into its crazy summer energy and then flung me straight into heaven. Don’t believe me? Go and see this for yourself next year!! You will not be ready for what you are walking into!

Gen & Pat tugging my heart strings before I got there

Before I even got off the ferry as we came close I could feel the energy pulling me into its vortex as if there was an invisible rope tied to my body and tugging me closer every time. Before I left South Africa in fact, from the moment I had the thought of possibly going, the pull of this festival had me, every turn I took it was there, every move I made fell straight into my lap, when I had doubt my phone rang and boom it was someone pushing me to make this leap and just do it. So I said ” If I get the visa I’m going” and then 4 days later… BOOM … Visa! WHAAAAAAAT! Accommodation, sorted in a day, flights, tickets, I arrived in Rovinj Croatia sorted, all I needed to do was feed myself and entertain myself!

My first steps on Croatian ground and all I could say was WOW! The beauty of this place drew me in immediately, I had not seen anything like it> It was buzzing literally from all the people who had already been there for a week! Seriously there was a buzz of chitter chatter, it was like I was walking into the craziest Sunday market I’ve ever been to but people were dancing salsa. Did I mention that it was 8.30pm and the sun was shining so bright that it looked like early afternoon. I was given 15 mins to put my bags down freshen up and off to the Beach we went.. at 9pm at night and we were off to the beach in bikinis and towels ready to swim. The sun went down just after 10pm, if heaven had a sunset, it would look like this! The beauty of it was so overwhelming that I sat in awe staring at it amazed that this was happening, emotional that I made it and so grateful that I got to be here and have this experience!

At 11pm we made our way back into the main square towards our apartment. It was a totally different look to the one I was received into , the sun was down, the street lights lit up the city of Rovinj and turned it into a show of lights shining on the ocean water creating a show boasting its beauty all over again in a different light. The buzzing continued, everyone walking by on their very own adventures! Excitement came from all the voices around me and again I took a deep breath and soaked it all in. As we approached the main square we heard salsa playing and people were dancing in the square, it was an open air party, it was spectacular to see! The music changed and the crowd changed their moves to the beat of bachata, connecting so beautifully with their partners. I watched them in awe of how beautiful everyone danced, at how everyone looked like perfection and how they just went with the flow of the rhythm. I watched and wondered to myself if I will ever reach this place of total immersion of myself in the music and if I will ever reach the place of harmony between my soul and the music. because its one thing learning a move but what these people did connected to their souls.

Mirta, Prideel & myself capturing the beauty of it all after a night out!

I had to get to the apartment to change for the party, it was my first night, and then my nerves crept in and boom my mindset went from excitement to fear. Being an improver dancer is not something these dancers take lightly. Am I really good enough to do this? What if nobody wants to dance with me … The questions in my mind ran wild. But guess what? This was the most short live moment of insecurity I had had, ever, because it wasn’ t long before I was dancing up a storm and having a blast. In fact it appeared that I was even dancing for 3 or 4 songs with the same person with more than one person … uh this was new … and surprising. I’m definitely not used to this very interesting behavior. Maybe my dancing isn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I should be listening to my friends more and just going for it because when I actually did that and let my hair down, BOOM all sorts of amazement followed!

I had never seen so many people in one place at the same time having a blast of a time, It was so jam packed that I chose to stand outside because my height allows me to see more than most and fresh air was the name of my game after a 26 hours of travel. My friends were as surprised as I was that I lasted that long! I expected to crash early but FOMO is real I wasnt missing ANYTHING!!!

Seriously though? Am I actually in heaven? Have I died and nobody told me? Thats exactly what it feels like to experience this place called Rovinj, with the dancing family of the world to celebrate the 15th birthday celebration of the Croatian summer salsa festival. It feels like heaven, and this was after only 1 night. Walking home after a night of dancing and meeting new friends, seeing old friends , learning new moves and just having the time of my life, Rovinj threw one more truth bomb at me … the sunrise! WHAT THE … wait really? There’ s more? The sunrise was even more breathtaking than the sunset and I could not even contain myself as I soaked in this memory and imprinted it to my brain so it can stay with me forever!

It was time to rest, to get ready for day 2, and I was just not ready for what was to come! But for now the bakery, a slice of pizza, a beer and sleep.

#CSSF day 1 blew me away, and I am a better person for going and the fun has not even really begun as yet? Little did I know what was still to come!!!

You will not regret this trip, have a look for yourself on or on facebook

Thank you so much for reading and following, I love you guys! Day 2 to follow!!! Watch this space!

Live your life to the fullest!




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