Trust the process

For those who prefer to listen

When you know in your heart that you are on the right path you have to put your trust in the process. Sometimes things will seem nearly impossible, but if you have it in your heart you have to let it out into the world. We are born to create. We are ALL creators in our own form. We create art, music, skill, inventions, food is a creation, we create families, we create from the time we are born till the time we die. Born creators because our creator lives in us, with us and also through us. We are the extention of our maker, the hands we reach out to others are the hands of our maker reaching out to others.

When we use our gifts we use what we have naturally inside of us to build around us a world that we create in our minds, a world full of whatever we see inside our hearts and souls. Look around you? What have you build around you? What does your creation look like? The creation of the space you have filled your life with… Is it filled with love and kindness, with laughter and joy? Does the air that surrounds you fill your life with a sense of peace and accomplishment? Are you doing what you were created to do? Have you created what you were born to create?

It begins with a thought, a concept , a picture that resonates with you. It then should be followed by some sort of action, whether you write it down or speak it into being with words but from your mind it must be created with words in the form of writing or speaking. After which you will have to do the research, find the tools, look for ways to begin a process that may seem far away and maybe even impossible, but you have to trust the process. You have to believe that its possible and you have to make the time to build on your dream every day. Creating every little corner, putting the pieces together slowly and carefully. Starting over more than once, changing the strategy and even changing the people you have around you because sometimes we are surrounded by people who DONT believe in our vision, in our dreams and thats our cue to remove them especially from our projects, our creation is too important to have negative energy involved in the process. You have to protect your work with all that you have and in the same breath, you also have to celebrate every single accomplishment.

Nothing just appears. EVERY single thing that you are surrounded by is your very own creation, the stress is all yours, the sadness is all yours, the people, they are all yours. Take a close look at your surroundings and assess what changes need to be made and make them, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Think about the person you wish to be and then work everyday trying to become that person. Never stop working towards your goals and dreams, no matter how long it may take you to climb the mountain, focus on reaching the top.

I may not be where I want to be as yet, but I certainly have begun to create the world I wish to be surrounded by and I may have a very long way to go but I surely have already come a very long way from where I used to be. I definately have faith in the process, I trust the plan that I have set out for myself and I trust the plan that has been set out for me by my maker. I have had to work harder than most to overcome the obstacles placed in front of me, but my strength lies in those that have had to endure even more than me and that have suffered so much more than I have. My strength lies in the truth of their stories and the only way to create a change is to create the change within yourself first. Only then can what I have to do become relevant, only then can I stand tall and say the words…’Íf I can do it, then so can you’

Live your life creating everything your heart desires.


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