Priorities… only are if you make them

What is a priority? Something you have CHOSEN to be more important than another thing. That other thing that got left behind could also be a valuable candidate to be a priority, but because of a choice that you made, it got placed second on the list.

How do we decide what a priority should be? Our families? Children? Boyfriends? Husbands? Who trumps who over Husband and children? Travel and work ? Travel and kids? Your life vs another? What makes your life more important than any other life? What is a priority really? Just another name given to choice? Because at the end of the day is one thing really more important than the other at any point? Probably not, but by our choices we make it more important and then make up 10 reasons why that is the better choice, but I bet you could come up with 10 reasons why you could have made another choice, and instead chose that one.

Priorities… A list of choices in order of importance according my standard that I have chossen for myself AT THIS CURRENT MOMENT. At any point I can change my mind and shuffle the list… right? I’m struggling with this term at the moment. Because I really want to do something, but in the hierarchy of things its not something I HAVE to do, I just REALLY WANT TO. But then theres work, and financial implications, and family, and time away and am I being selfish doing what I want instead of what others want or even need? As a mother, is it wrong to put myself first more than I’m used to? Creating confusion in everyone else! As a daughter is it wrong to lean on the support of my mother to help with my child when there is no assistance from a spouse (because I dont have one)? When does one draw the line of me vs them or mother vs daughter or expectations vs reality?

Today is a questioning day and I’m looking for some insight from my readers this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work and follow me. I appreciate you all.

Live your life forever questioning and evolving.


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  1. These ramblings used to be our phone calls!!! I’m so happy you get to share!!
    You are as important and what you want is too. As woman we become so accustomed to putting others diets that it feels like we need permission when we must do it for ourselves.
    You must also be a priority.

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