London … how I will miss you!

It’s that time of my trip when going home has almost arrived. I have checked out of my hotel, but my flight is only in the evening and so I have an afternoon of gallivanting for 1 last time. However its raining and I’m not so sure if I wanna brave the cold and wet weather right now. So here I am writing, where I can be warm and dry.

Outside Buckingham Palace.

I want to say how blessed I am to have people here that have gone out of their way to accommodate me and take me everywhere. My friend Salim (who I have not seen in over 15 years) without hesitation offered to pick me up from the airport and drive me around. He not only fed me and let me stay in his home, but he took a day off work to do all these things. My appreciation for the love that he gave me is so great. He took me sightseeing to The London Eye, on a boat ride on the Rive Thames and to Madam Taussades. Drove me to my Hotel for the congress, picked me up from the Hotel along with my crazy friends and then took us all sightseeing to Buckingham palace and to Oxford Street. Apparently I suck as a tourist because I don’t take pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING I SEE, and I’m OK with that. I’m so truly grateful to have such an amazing friend that has a heart of gold and does it all without looking for anything in return.

Having a blast with Angelica and Daleela

I raved on about Angelica in my last post and I will rave on about her again here! Meeting her was the highlight of my week here in London. Finding a new person that I can connect with on the level of crazy that we connected on is so rare! She took me into her space and accepted me for everything that I am from day one. She came with on my last sight seeing trip with Salim and so did Daleela, the poor guy had his hands full with the three of us!

Drinks in Camden with Kim

Kim came out to see me, took me to see Mario at Bar Salsa Soho and then dinner in Chinatown, all withing walking distance from where I am staying and then took a train back home ALONE at after 11pm in the evening. What!!! where I come from this is not done, travelling by train all alone in the night is guaranteed to get you killed or mugged. she came out yesterday as well and took me to Camden, my first train ride alone back to my hotel , I feel so grown up that I did that alone. And then walked alone to Bar Salsa to see Angelica and watch the class, well I was supposed to do the class but … It looked too higher grade for me hey. Was good to see Julian who was such a gentleman and walked me to my hotel before going home.

Overall I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby with a huge smile on my face, because I think if I do nothing with the rest of this day I will still be sitting here with a grin on my face. Everything was so worth it, and I had just enough time to feel like I have to come back in the summer!!! Just to see more and to get to know these amazing people more. London, I think I love you!

Me and my wax chap! lol I mean at least he behaves lol

Live your life to the fullest, find your adventure and enjoy every moment, even the strange ones.



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