My Mambocity 5 star Salsa congress Adventure was amazing

It’s all over now, I’m sitting in my new hotel room everything has settled and life has given me a moment to be quiet with myself and look back at the weekend I have just experienced.

Jean White, Angelica Marion and me… My sister friends/Family now!

I didn’t know what I was walking into when I walked into the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow hotel for the Congress. I was no longer in a safety zone and I was alone… but not for long because as I walked into those doors I was greeted by familiar faces that lit up when they saw me and it felt like I was home. Greeted by Trevor as we walked in at the same time and then Jean my darling friend who did such an amazing job at the entire weekend. She introduced me to everyone and gave me my pass and off to my hotel room I went to get myself settled in for later. Everything was beautiful and comfy, my bed was HUGE and I used every corner of it because, well I could and so I did! Comfort on so many levels. Friday night shows teased us a bit and gave me just a taste of what we had to look forward to the rest of the weekend.

The venue was so beautiful, the Atrium floor especially gorgeous. The people…wow. I was not expecting so many friendly people. I was told the exact opposite of what I experienced! I was received with so much kindness and had so much fun I could not have even imagined it to have been that amazing. I expected to be alone most of the weekend, I think if I was left alone for an hour it was too much! Always surrounded by beautiful friendly faces, always having an amazing time dancing, mingling, watching and mostly laughing!! I laughed so much my tummy hurt!

The warm laughter of Angelica Marion.

I had the pleasure of making a new sister friend, Angelica Marion. The positive energy that radiates from this young beautiful woman amazed me. She became my roommate by chance and very last minute… It was the universe aligning a sisterhood that will never be broken. This woman has so much talent! HER SHOW!!! Standing ovation, everyone loved her! I was in awe! She enveloped me into her space from the moment she met me, with open arms and warmth, genuine and so easily. My most favorite moments was when I walked too slow and she was too far ahead and would stop look at me as if to say lets go lady, stick out her hand and as I grabbed it she would motor her way to wherever she was going. I felt like a child being lead by her mother lol My protector from everything dodgy this weekend, and there was enough dodgy following me around eish… must be my perfume hahaha… I am so blessed.

Watching Saturday workshops.

I could not do the Saturday workshops because my clumsy self took a small tumble and was saved by a very fast working gentleman who picked me up just as quickly as I fell on my knees. Saved … It happened so quickly the only way I know for sure that it wasnt my imagination are the huge bruises on my knees and the strain I caused on an old injury. But Sunday I got wise and strapped the knee up and went for it … Classes galore. Bachata and kizomba, techniques have improved a little, but as I always say any improvement is worth acknowledging no matter how small it may be.

Comfort on so many levels

Shows were spectacular!! I missed Sunday night shows though, my body was not having it and I overslept turning what was meant to be a 1 hour nap into a 4 hour sleep. My body clearly needed to rest. I got my butt out of bed to have a last night of partying and I had my bestie Daleela with me this time, she was not having me sleep on the last night of the congress. I danced until I could not dance no more and then got my tired self to bed with sore aching feet… depleted… A weekend well spent!

Thank you Robert and Jean for all the hard work you put into this beautiful weekend. It is definitely a 5Star Congress and worth all the drama I had to get to it. I am so blessed to have you as my friends and even though we didn’t get to spend too much time this time around, I know the love was there… I felt it.

My MamboCity 5star Congress adventure may be over, but my London adventure certainly isn’t and I need to get my butt off this laptop now and get back to adventuring!!! So much to do in so little time…

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my work and who follows me. Please have a look at the Mambo City Facebook page to find photos and videos of everything that went down this past weekend and get yourself ready for next years adventure! You have plenty of time to plan and I PROMISE YOU IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT!!!


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