My wish

I wish the world was kinder to those in need. That people treated everyone like people and didn’t decide who deserves to be treated better than the next.

I wish that husbands repescted their wives enough to let them know when they are not happy, instead of sneaking about looking for happiness outside of their marriages.

I wish that men respected woman more and would stop treating them as objects that they can manipulate and use to their advantage whenever they want.

I wish that broken women who cannot find love and respect for themselves are met with compassion by those people that they are exposed to and instead of breaking them some more, that the human race finds compassion for their situation and instead helps to build them up.

I wish that mothers would stop using their children as pawns to punish their fathers. Those children suffer more than you know because of your actions and you are damaging the next generation.

I wish people would respect the elderly, for they are full of so much wisdom and all the knowledge of your ancestry lies within them. Talk to them and hold onto their stories.

I wish that the world would accept that the human race as the only race and realise that the colour of my skin does not make me any better or less than anyone else.

I wish that judgemental people would look at themselves before making judgments about other peoples lives.

I wish that mothers would raise their sons to respect women and fathers would raise their daughters to respect men and vice versa … this can only be done by example. The children are watching our every move.

I wish that everyone in the world can stop for a moment every day to look inside themselves and breathe, and just for that moment soak in everything that is beautiful around them and remember that life is what they create.

I wish for the world just to be kinder .

I wish for more moments with the people that I love, long conversations with people that are special and small moments with the people that mean the world to me.

Live your life being present.


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