Take that step

The first step is always the hardest to take; it’s full of fear and unknown territory that will take us to a destination unknown to us. Yes, it’s that first step that we avoid, we make excuses and explain why we don’t take it, but the crux of it is that we are too afraid. I am guilty of this too. It seems as though I just keep taking step after step, but if you only knew how long I ponder on things before I actually leap. I get that it’s scary to move into unknown territory. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! Most people are afraid of that ‘anything‘ that could happen, but at the same time they want better lives and they want more out of life. Unfortunately in order to make improvements and to grow you have to find the courage to just take that step. What’s the worst that could happen? Let me tell you! You can keep living the life you live and continue to move in circles until you die. Thats the worst that could happen. You will have wasted your talents and yourself and not shared your true self with the world and then you will eventually have no life left in you to live, because as you know we are ALL going to die. There is no exception. Thats why you have to believe in yourself! Trust that it will be ok and make that move, take that step. Have that conversation, go to that meeting. Be that person that you dream of when you lay in bed at night. Give yourself a chance to prove to yourself that you are everything that you hope and dream. The world is out there, use it , grab it, love it, embrace it and just move towards your light, your hopes and your dreams.

You are not the only one who is afraid. EVERYONE IS at first , until they try and then they are not afraid anymore. You will make mistakes and that is ok, make the mistake, learn the lesson and move on. Keep growing, keep moving, keep taking steps forward no matter how many times you fail, it’s never a failure unless you don’t learn from it. I’m doing this London thing that I have been going on about for a while now, I am afraid to do it alone. I hate doing things alone. But in order to face my fears I have to leap into the unknown and just do what life calls me to do. Don’t let fear hold you back. You are bigger than you think and stronger than you know. Trust yourself, trust your instincts and trust your gut feeling. Let peace guide you, let love mould you and let joy find you wherever you may go.

Live your life to the fullest and take that step, whatever it is. You can do it!

Thank you for reading, you are appreciated.



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