Week 13 – Standing tall

86.3 kg’s. It looks like I’ve gone down just 200 grams in the past 2 weeks. A slight dissapointment, I really expected more… On the positive side I’m still on a weight decline, no matter how slow I go I’m going to focus on the progress. I do admit, I havent been eating properly in the midst of all the moving, but all that is over now. I’m all settled into my new home. I can start to get myself into a healthy routine again.

I have been dancing! I’ve kept that side of my challenge. Lets hope that all this hard work eventually pays off! I’m still super excited to go to London next month! I have so much to do and to learn before I go. It’s going to be epic. I’ve hyped myself up so much for this trip lol I hope I havent created too great an expectation, but I mean without excitement and joy, what is there to look forward to really?

I have to say though, that in all of this excitement it important to remember that its all in the amount of work and effort that we put into our lives that we create these moments of joy and achievement. Without the hard work and the effort there will be no rewards to reap and we will just be floating through our lives aimlessly being taken along with the flow of other peoples hard work and success. In the end they will be reaping thier rewards and you will still just be floating along to the next task that has been given to you. Taking control of your life is vital to your happiness. It’s vital to your survival, and to your fulfillment in all that you were put here to do. I get that the world isnt easy and that you have bills to pay. I do really understand, because I too have all these things to do, but I do believe that in the end all this work and effort that I have put into freeing myself from that bondage of mankind an all that they place on my shoulders will pay off. I will be free of all the burdens life has tried to place on me and I will live my true authentic life.

In the meantime I will continue to work hard at challenging myself to be a better me. I will put in the time and effort that my progress requires of me and I will continue to focus on whats impiortant to me and my growth instead of what’s trying to hold me back.

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share yourself with me.

Live your life in continuous growth.



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