My Mambo city 5 Star Congress adventure – part 3- Hey Mr DJ…

I’ve lived a very colourful life within the walls of South Africa. The only time I’ve ventured out of the country is to visit dad in Australia. So you can understand why I’m so excited to move in another direction. Why haven’t I travelled more?? Because I made choices that kept me here in South Africa when I was younger I guess! Why has my life been colourful you ask? Well… My dad owned a nightclub while I was growing up! This made being a kid pretty exciting. Imagine being 12 and having a nightclub as a playground. Learning how to DJ on a Saturday afternoon because, well, dad had work to do in the office. Taking friends with and having the place rocking with just us! Of course the bar was all locked up, but the soda machines were not!! Boy did we mix sodas and think we were the coolest ever! I learnt how to DJ with LP’s because it was 1992 and that’s what they used. I don’t remember how to DJ now lol, so don’t ask but I remember the experience and the feeling of freedom as a kid with those headphones on and my friends dancing in circles on the dance floor! Lights going crazy! One could say I grew up in a club, kind of… So they never scared me and I was never fascinated like every other teenager.

My clubbing life was not like most peoples. I never really paid to get into any clubs, or stood in queues (to this day it’s my most hated thing to do). Most club owners knew who my father was or was his friend even after he left for Australia; I still got in everywhere for free. I didn’t ask. It just happened. I knew the bouncers, I was always safe. I could go into the club offices and take a break or if there was a fight I was moved to safety. I never felt threatened ever. I knew the DJ’s, they were friends, I am no stranger to a DJ’s work and how they live for a full dancefloor! Man, it’s a world of craziness that can only be understood in the experience.

I don’t go to clubs much anymore, or regular clubs at least. If there isn’t any Salsa/ Bachata/Kizomba then it’s very rare that you will find me in a nightclub now, but I’m still surrounded by the lifestyle whether I like it or not, because my cousin Angus is a DJ and most dancers know him because of his outgoing personality. His not the only DJ in my family though or in my friendship circle. His brother turns my quiet birthday gatherings into proper dance parties when he rocks up with ALL his equipment just because he feels like it. I’m surrounded by artists, musicians, photographers, singers and actresses. My life has always been full of colour! That’s probably why I took to the world of Afro-Latin dance. It’s so beautiful and colourful. I wish I could be as smooth as everyone I meet though or dance as well as they do, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to be a professional to enjoy myself. I’m still a learner, a beginner just about 3 years in, off and on, finding my feet slowly.


Every time I feel like giving up someone comes along and throws the fun back into it for me! Almost as if the universe keeps me here, knowing that it’s where I need to be. That’s why I’m so keen on this trip to London; I think it will help me to grow not only in my dancing but also in my self. To spread my wings and be free to try new things and meet new people. I know that there will be so many DJ’s playing at this congress this year and they have played many times before at the Mambocity 5Star Congress in London , but a special mention to the newest addition to the experience is DJ Dmitri, who is collecting some major events under his sleeve and becoming more popular every month. He is a regular DJ at the Salsa socials and Latin Events in Dubai and the UAE. Read more about him in the link provided. This guy has been collecting music since the year 2000 (that’s a lot of music). I’m so fascinated at how I didn’t know this world existed, and yet it was always there. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much! But now its time to play catch up because it’s going to be a party! I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!


I should calm down because it’s not all about partying! In between the crazy there has to be growth and learning. Right? I’m particularly interested in Katrin Lerner from Germany who teaches lady-styling, her focus senses on the participants own femininity, conveying a combination of natural movement sequences that confront the aesthetics of femininity. This sounds like something my tomboy self needs to get to. Fine… I’m only half a tomboy now, I’ve found that some (but not too much) ladylike tendencies have grown on me. So maybe Katrin will be able to help me be more graceful (if that’s even possible). Only time will tell.

It’s obvious that I’m passionate about learning and growing, also about spicing things up a bit and throwing in some colour to dull situations. I get bored very quickly in dull situations BUT from what I can see this trip is going to be SUPER COLOURFUL, SUPER EDUCATIONAL and SUPER DOOPER CRAZYTASTIC! Dont forget to contact Mambo city for any queries you have: and to have a look at their website: , There is also a facebook groups page:

As always I have to remind you to be the best that you can be at whatever it is that you are trying to do. Don’t forget to have fun, and JUST BE YOURSELF. Forget what others think and focus on improving you. Thank you for reading and following. You are ALL appreciated and loved. Sending light your way to brighten up the dark corners of your being.

Live your life in love and light.

Written By: Tammy-Lynn Murphy



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