My Mambocity 5 Star Congress Adventure – Part 2

So I’ve been for the visa appointment, done and dusted. Now to wait for the yay or nay… fingers crossed for a positive response. You may be wondering why on earth I’m doing this step by step account of this journey. Well it’s because its not everybody that gets to travel, in fact only a handfull of the world has the priviledge of spreading their wings and flying around, especially here in South Africa. I want my experience to open the eyes of many to see that its not impossible, if you follow the guidlines and if you are determined enough to make it happen. 2 weeks ago I was not even thinking of a trip to London, in fact I was planning a totally different trip, in the opposite direction. After the Johannesburg Afro latin Festival, London began to call me, of course there was also some whispers saying no don’t do it, but this is when you have to look inside yourself and ask, why do I want to make this trip? What is my intention? If it’s for a cute boy, then no, stay at home, but if its for growth and development then the intention is a positive one and only good can come of it. I want to go because travel has always been tugging at my heartstrings, my daughter is old enough now for me to do this and more importantly I am able. Plus I had a peek at the artists that are going to be there and boy oh boy am I looking forward to learning from them! In Mondays post I mentioned Ricardo Vega and Karen Forcano along with Maykel Fonts and Sylvia Chapelli. Today I’m looking at Angelo Gioffre’ Dance Co.(Italy) and Luanda Pau Baquero (Cuba).

Firstly, have a look at these beautiful humans in Angelo Gioffre’ Dance Co, and there are 5 of them! Ladies! More men to dance with, for a change… yes the struggle is real. This amazing group is directed and Choreographed by Angelo Gioffre’ himself and it will be their first appearance at the Mambo City 5 Star Congress . What a contribution they will make! I have taken it upon myself to watch as many videos as I can on all the artists I mention here and these guys are fantastic! I’m eager to see what they have to offer in my journey of dance, I can definately say that I sense a ‘wow’ factor approaching!

Moving away from the gentlemen towards a woman of power, Luanda pau Baquero from Cuba! This dancing queen has taken her skills all over the world, travelling and teaching all that she knows, the list of qualifications and awards to her name are amazing! You can have a read about her here: I am always excited to learn from someone who has dedicated their lives to thier passion and shows true dedication! I see this in Luanda and I have no doubt of the level of knowledge she has to offer!

Tick tock, I’m like a kid thats getting candy! Rubbing my hands together and jumping up and down with excitement… can the suspense end already??? Will I survive the next 3 weeks of waiting for the visa to give me the yay or nay? EEEK! Hahaha, ok I’m being dramatic, but I live for excitement! It makes the hard work worth while!

Please do not hesitate to contact Mambo city on or to have a look at the groups page:

I’m really truly grateful to all of you for taking the time to read my posts and to interact with me. This page is nothing without you.

Life your life in excitement and joy!

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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