My Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress adventure -Part 1

I’m super excited that I have decided to be bold and jump into this adventure and hopefully visa willing can get to the Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress It’s easy to stay in your corner and only have to deal with what you know, instead I’m choosing to practice what I preach and dive into this amazing opportunity that has presented itself to me. It’s not everyday that you get to experience such a deeply rooted mixture of cultures all in one space, like Ricardo Vega from Chile and Karen Forcano from Argentina or even Maykel Fonts and Sylvia Chapelli from Cuba who I have taken the time to look into because I’m a newbie to all these amazing artists and they are newly invited guests of the Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress along with others who I will be looking into in the days to come, but for now lets see what these 2 talented couples bring to my adventure in London.

Ricardo Vega (Chile) and Karen Forcano (Argentina)

Ricardo Vega and Karen Forcano, according to the Mambo City website make up the current 9th champions of the world Cabaret- style salsa pair. With an impressive list of accomplishments these two are a new hot couple that the Mambo City 5 Star Congress is excited to have! It would be an amazing opportunity to experience these dancing champions and I certainly am not going to pass up on the opportunity to experience them. Both Ricardo and Karen have been dancing since they were young children under the influence of their families, beginning their journey in ballet and thereafter spreading their wings to where they are today. With roots as deep as theirs in dance, I can only imagine the essence of what they have to offer to be priceless to anyone that shares a passion in dance with them. I personally am excited to share my first time experience in London with this couple and to absorb all the information and skill that they have to offer. It will be their first appearance at this Congress and their first visit to London! Do not miss the opportunity of these champions! If you are able to get down to the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow Hotel in London to share this first time experience with all of us I urge you to do so! I’m excited for everyone! Its going to be an experience of a lifetime!!

Maykel Fonts and Sylvia Chapelli (Cuba) are definitely not new to London and attended the Mambo Con Son weekend in January of this year. The feedback from that weekend was explosive and they literally blew peoples minds. Jean and Robert are excited to welcome them to their first appearance at the Mambocity 5 Star Congress ( to finally grace everyone with more of the mind blowing experiences that they are so well known for. After reading up and watching their videos even more excitement begins to brew in my soul (if that is even possible). Maykel Fonts is recognized as one of the best Cuban dancers in the world, known for his incredible dancing skills, this Cuban celebrity and Tropicana graduate, along with Sylvia Chapelli (who has been dancing her entire life) at his side is bound to be explosive!!

I for one am eager for this experience, hungry to learn from these talented dancers who have dedicated themselves to everything dance. It’s going to be lit (yes I said lit) !! Growing yourself and learning from the people who have more information than you do is key to a full progressive life. Never allow yourself to be too complacent with where you are, there is always room to grow and someone to learn from! Opportunities for growth will always present themselves, its up to you to grab a hold of everything you are hungry for and learn form the the best. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, no matter how much of an expert you already are!

As you can tell my excitement is on another level! I look forward to finding out about all the artists and sharing my thoughts with you here.

Thank you for reading and following, I appreciate all of you.

Live your life always hungry to learn!

For anyone who is interested in contacting Mambo city or who is interested in Salsa in the London area please use the link below.

You can also follow them on Mambo City Facebook fan page :

Or Mambo City Salsa groups page:

Written By: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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