Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved

I don’ t think that I believed I would reach this milestone, but now that I have I am so motivated to reach my 17Kg goal. 5 Kg’ s down and 12 to go. I would say in on my way – in 10 weeks I’ve lost 5 Kg’s with hardly any effort exercise wise and only making adjustments to my diet. So its celebration time, because every baby step deserves a celebration!

1st milestone.

I am so grateful for all the advise that keeps flowing in with regards to counting calories and monitoring the daily progress to learn my body. I have to say though that your body is very selective with what it needs. We are all individual beings and what my body needs is not necessarily what your body needs. Please when making changes to anything make sure to listen to what your body tells you. If something doesn’t feel right you will know. I do not promote anything that will be harmful to you or to deprive your body of anything in order to lose weight. This challenge is one to bring my body back the healthy weight it was 2 years ago and to bring my fitness to a higher level.

I have a new challenge now that will become a part of my healthy lifestyle challenge to myself. I have decided to challenge myself in my dancing and to use dance as my exercise instead of the gym. So on a daily basis I’m going to take the advice I have been given and to use the tools that were shared with me at the Johannesburg Afro Latin festival in Johannesburg this last weekend and to incorporate it into my challenge. I have not started as yet as I am putting together a schedule and a plan, but I believe in the process and I reached a slump, but I can also overcome it with practice and perseverance. My goal is to attend the festival again next year but have a years worth of all the advice I was given today and hopefully there will be drastic improvement so that I can be less concerned with mistakes and more concerned with having fun and just dancing.

Wish me luck, next week I will be covering my health changes and what I’ve been trying to figure out in my dancing.

Thank you to everyone for the support.

Written by: Tammy – Lynn Murphy


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