I think its important to be mindful of the people that influence us on a day to day basis and also to be careful of who you allow in your space. I have been writing about the effects of the people that you choose to surround yourself with for quite some time now, and as I have promised both myself and to you, that as my journey evolves and grows and I learn valuable lessons and techniques I will take that information once proven to be a solid source of growth in my life and share it with you for your own personal journey to take and use as you conquer the challenges in your life.

There is a huge difference between your every day influencers and the ones that come into your life like a tornado and cause pivotal moments of change to happen in your journey. Those moments where you were headed in a direction and these strong human beings come into your space and change everything for you. As in every situation this can be both good or bad for depending on the influencer and what you do with their information.

Everyday influencers are your everyday friends and family, your co -workers, the people you share your life with and that you grow habits with, these are the people that make a huge effect on your mindset because they give you small doses of themselves every day. Small doses of toxic information every single day can poison your mind and destroy you. This is why I keep telling you to keep the people closest to you in line with where you want to be in life. You will become what they are and so choose them wisely because these are the people that we sacrifice ourselves for because of soul connections.

However, every once in a while there will be a random person that makes the biggest changes in you, by saying something that stirs the core of your being and that you cannot let go of. You hold onto that information because you know that it is real and true and exactly what you needed. It can come in the form of a stranger sitting on a bench that tells you out of nowhere to hang in there or that you are beautiful. In my case it came in the form a of a stranger from another country that told me that I am good enough and fcuk anybody that tells me anything different. To dance with whoever I want to and to NEVER be intimidated because they have more experience than me, to smile and enjoy myself every single time! The words he said to me tattood themselves on my soul as he spoke them because at that very moment I was struggling with the insecurity of feeling like I was not good enough, with a feeling of “I am never going to get this right”. Once again I had been given exactly what I needed when I needed it, even though I didnt know I needed it. A beautiful lady who I now call friend encouraged me to keep practising and to never stop trying, and a very handsome young man gave me the tools to be mindful in every situation I find myself in. A musician told me my voice is like a song and when I speak its almost harmonious like im singing and gave me a challenge to break a barrier that scares me. All in the space of 3 days. A weekend of wisdom, of growth, of new connections and of growing friendships. A weekend of change, of love in all forms and of influencers.

The lesson in this is to keep changing your thought patterns into what you envision your life to be, keep writing down the things you wish for yourself, keep believing in your hopes and dreams and never give up who you are and what you believe in. So that when you have those human moments , and you do happen to lose a little bit of hope and your efforts seem like they will never pay off and you are ready to give up everything you know you truly wish for yourself, that your soul will call to you exactly what you need to get you back on track in the positive direction that you had already made by repetition and practice in your mindset.

God is always in control, moving things around to keep you moving in the direction you need to move. He stops things from happening, even though you wish he wouldn’t do that… but the maker of your being knows better and will give you exactly what you need when you need it. He sends you people to change your path, because he can see that you are ready for more. He sends people to challenge you and to push you to the thing that you know you must do but are so afraid of. These pivotal people will keep coming and they will keep imprinting truth into your heart. Its important to recieve the guidance, to learn how to embrace the changes that need to happen in order for your life to grow into everything you were put here for.

This piece is dedicated to ALL the people that took the time to talk me out of things and also into things this weekend. To the people that took the time out of their lives to share with me a piece of themselves when they could have been doing anything else, to my loved ones who always want whats best for me and are always there to protect me and to keep me safe and to my besties that are willing to have those difficult conversations with me to boot me into a confident space, but also catch me when I fall to pieces. I truly have changed my path over the years in a mindful way and have begun to create the life I envision in my dreams, one day at a time and one step at a time.

Last week I wrote a piece called “dont worry” and this week it has been validated because why worry when everything is ALWAYS as it should be.

Live your life in dance and song!

Written By: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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