Why worry?

I’ve come to understand that worrying is useless. It’s taken me some time to fully grasp this concept, but it really serves no purpose. All it does is takes a situation and adds unnecesary stress to it!

Throughout life I’ve seen different scenarios of people having nervous breakdowns over situations they have absolutely no control over. For example: my kid goes to school, at school the other kids aren’t very nice to her because she isn’t like them. She is different in so many ways. I have taught her to always be herself, to not allow bullies to change her into something she is not. If I worry about her day all day, I”l be miserable, I have no control over it. What I can do is prepare her as best I can for any situation, and love her through the tough times. But when she walks into those school gates, it is out of my control. I have to let it go and trust in the school and in my kid, that she will do her best and try to overcome her challenges.

I used to worry about many things, like how other people will react to me, or what kind of a mother I will be, or what if God forbid I actuall failed at something. What will my mother say, what will the people say and what will the neighbours say? What kind of a life is that? Forcing yourself into a corner because of things you cannot control. Worry is a wasted emotion, if its even a valid emotion. We have to trust in the process or the purpose of our lives. We have to trust in our choices and that in the end it will all work out as it was meant to. No matter which route we take, the chips will fall where they may. We dont have control of every situation, we cant catch every fall, we have to allow ourselves room to fail, to fall and to get back up again. We need to trust in ourselves more and realise that the only thing we have control over is ourselves, our thoughts, our actions and our belief systems. You cannot control the lives of anyone else, just you. Dont drive yourself into a hole trying to control other people, trying to please everybody, trying to win over everyone. The world will recieve you as it needs to and will reject you as it needs to. You must still go on, living your best, doing your best, trying your best and improving yourself with every day that goes by.

In the end we all have the same fate. There is nobody that has a different fate than anybody else. We will all end up where every living being ends up, in the ground, as the dirt. Humble yourself and get of your high horse, because you will meet your maker just as the poorest of the poor will and the richest of the rich. The only thing to control is you. Make your life a memorable one so that when your time has come to leave this world and your body becomes the dust on the ground, you will be remembered for being exactly who you chose to be, nothing more , nothing less. Or, you might not be remembered at all, because you chose to live in a corner, hiding from the world because you were too worried about what they might say.

Get out of your hiding place and shine your light on the world, let them see you for all that you are and live with no regrets. Forgive yourself and move on, forgive others and move on. Live up to your own expectations and let go of what you expect from others. Expect only from yourself, because you are your own competition, you are your own happiness and you CAN make the world you live in exactly how you dream it to be if you make the changes you need to make in yourself every single day. So dont worry, just keep moving forward and only look back to see how far you have come and to celebrate growth.

Live your life in the light, leave the darkness behind.

Written By Tammy – Lynn Murphy

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