Month 3 begins the challenge continues…

Its been 2 months since I began this challenge to improve my overall body health and like any challenge it has been difficult, because life isnt as simple as we wish it could be. For some this challenge is easy peasy , for others nearly impossible and for the general population like me its tough, but doable in an imperfect kind of way.

I started out at 92 Kgs 2 months ago, I’ve taken you through a journey of healthy food and birthday cake. Lets be real, staying away from sugar is one of the hardest things to do. So in my bouncing in and out of healthy changes , I can honestly say that I have won with my diet and lost with the exercise. Im down to 88.1 Kgs now and will have a small celebration for my five kgs lost once I hit 87 kgs! It’s been a very slow and steady decline but a decline nonetheless.

I cant seem to find an exercise routine that I enjoy and that I can stick to. I will keep trying though and maybe I need to try the comfort of home and early morning routines for the next option, there has to be something I’m going to stick to. This is one challenge that is killing me slowly, one step forward two steps back. Keeping in mind that the thyroid plays a big part in all theses emotional swings, I am being gentle with myself and allowing the space to breathe through these questions I have inside.

Ok so here’s to week 9 of my challenge, month 2 has come and gone morning routine game changer is hopefully the one! I will keep you all posted next week and let you know how it goes!

Thank you for reading and following my journey, Let me know how you keep yourself in shape or in health. I’d love to hear from you!

Live your life in health!

Written By: Tammy -Lynn Murphy


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