Dont give up on your dreams

Hey everyone, I’m back! Thank you to everyone who noticed I was missing and kicked my butt back to the dream. The things you want most in life are always the hardest to achieve, especially when you have the picture in your mind and it doesnt quite happen exactly how you imagined it, not because its impossible, but in order to get to the picture there are some difficult steps to overcome. You have to climb the mountain to reach the top, unless you have a helcopter, then you can fly. I dont have a helcopter yet so I’m walking up this mountain and enduring the valley in the process.

Hard work and consistency will get you where you want to be. You also need people in your corner that will push you when you begin to lose hope. I’m lucky enough to have one or two people who kick my ass when it wants to run and hide.

So I stopped writing for a short while, in that time I was adopted by a stray cat, the living space I have been looking for finally came to me and I realised that everything I have is because I was consistent in the dream. I’m definately not on the top of my mountain as yet but I sure have left the valley and the climb has been testing. Looking back 2 years I can say that my life has drastically improved and continues to improve. Work has improved, finances have improved my living space is about to improve and my dream is still in full steam ahead mode.

What is this dream I keep going on about, well the dream is to make this blog super successful to reach as many people as I can that need to read and hear what I have to say. To actually get cracking at my book that I have been trying to write for so many years and never quite crack it. To make my life about sharing a gift that I have been blessed with not only in my circle but with everyone that needs it. To spread love and hope. To tell my story so people like me can see that its not impossible to heal the pain of your past and that its still possible to flourish, that broken pieces can get put back together and that a dream that you believe in and stick to is definately worth every drop of blood sweat and tears that you put into it. You dont have to be what other people need you to be, you can be true to you even in the most difficult circumstances if you find the peace within your self, no matter how vicious your surroundings may be, you can still be true to the you that only you know deep down in the core of your being. If you hold onto the vision, if you hold onto the dream eventually with some work and determination it will find you, you will find yourself in the midst of all your hearts desires and you will be amazed and in awe of how you actually got there. Finally when you look at the path you chose for yourself instead of what others chose for you , you will see that every single sacrifice you made was worth it in the end.

Hold onto your dreams, dont let the world steal them from you. Every day do a little more, take a little step and when you get there you will reap the rewards of your resilience to the negativity that the world will throw at you to keep you in a place of darkness. Let your light shine. Dont let anybody try to dim the light inside of you, because you are here to find that light inside yourself and share it with the world, shining bright like the star that you are.

Live your life with hopes and dreams

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy



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