Filling the gaps

If you fill your life with too much clutter you will find that you don’t have enough room for the things that truly matter to you and you seem to stumble around from thing to thing, not even realising your time is being wasted on unimportant things for no reason at all. Once you clear out the clutter in your life, be it materialistic things, toxic people, too many extra activities or even just faffing about unimportant tasks that can be done in a more time efficient manner and you realise that you have so much space and time for the important things in your life you will begin to notice the gaps in your productivity and happiness because of the unnecessary clutter.

If there is no room in your life for what you truly desire, how do you plan on achieving the actual dream. If you are still holding onto an item or a feeling from 10 years ago how do you plan on bring the new updated, much needed items into your space if there is nowhere to put them. Its like buying a new car but you still have the last 3 cars parked in your yard and now you don’t have a parking space for the car you want. Either you get rid of one car to create a space for the new one, or you will have to buy a house with a bigger yard. But unless you make a change, there will be no room for the new car. The same goes with your life and your hopes and dreams. If you hold onto everything, eventually you will run out of room for new things because you are so busy clinging onto yesterday.

If you clear out the clutter you create a void in your life that is there for you to fill with updated constructive improvements and desires. When you have the space, you are able to plan better, to breathe in between and to take a break when you need to. If you create a pathway in your life and on its own it creates a new path that you couldn’t even imagine and would be an absolutely amazing experience, but your life is already full of so many unfulfilling things that pay the bills. Wouldn’t it pay off to let go of the things that make you unhappy and grab onto the newly developed opportunity that will grow your mind and your world in ways that you never thought possible? Why are we so hung up on comfort and allowing our lives to be consumed by the expectations of the world? Why do we allow the demands of people to consume us to the point of missing our entire purpose in this life? Why do we have to wait until we are old and grey to realise that life is really not about pleasing others and not about paying the bills, but truly about finding our purpose and growing our gifts and learning new things everyday and discovering new places all the time and allowing our lives to be free of the financial burden that the modern day economy requires us to have? Why do we spend so much time convincing our youth that they must behave a certain way when they have their own path to follow and what worked for my generation and yours probably wont work for the next.?

Don’t be the limitation that was meant to keep you in your place, don’t believe the lie they told you when you they said stay in your box. Get rid of the clutter of all those voices that told you that you will never amount to anything, declutter your mind from all the negativity that keeps you stuck in a cycle of destruction. Create a space for everything you secretly desired, for everything you did when nobody was looking, make more time to do what you ACTUALLY LOVE fill the gaps with YOU, fill the gaps with the truth, fill the gaps without having to look over your shoulder and worry what will fall on your head, because you have already gotten rid of the clutter and created the room for more to find you. Always be the best you, not sometimes …Always!

Live your life clutter free and allow you to fill in the gaps with you.

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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