I often remind my 10 year old daughter of how much more she will get out of life if she is grateful. She often has this idea that she is entitled to many things of which she is not, and I have to remind her that she gets these things because I choose to give them to her and if she is ungrateful I will take them away. Which I do, and then I’m the worst person in existence to her, and until she realises that I do everything for her out of love and that she does not need a tablet to survive, or a phone, or wifi and until she changes her attitude and finds some gratitude, she does not get to have these things. As her mother its my duty to ensure the lessons are taught, as a person its her duty to learn them and until she gets it, and I will continue teaching it. There is nothing worse than an ungrateful person, especially in the adult form. It means that they do not see the value in what they have and they take everything for granted. Those are the people I feel for most, because if they lose what they have, it will hit them the hardest of all and they will feel like they have nothing.

As for me and my beliefs, I will always try to grow in gratitude and find ways to keep myself humble. Everything I have is a blessing to me and I am truly grateful for every experience and every lesson. Sometimes I forget and find arrogance creeping in. Every time that happens there is always a negative experience attached in the form of me feeling bad after or me feeling unsettled. It always takes me back to remembering that I am not entitled to anything and that hard work and dedication has gotten me to where I am. Please don’t confuse hard work with physical labour. No… Hard work is never giving up, always working on what you believe in, putting the hours into your dreams and making the effort to create the life you desire. Being grateful for every achievement and acknowledging growth no matter how small is vital to success.

Life is very fragile and its important to stay humble, remembering that in the blink of an eye or in a split second, it can be taken away. Who is to say that you are guarenteed another day? Who is to say that you are entitled to anything? Why do some of us feel like we are above others yet we bleed the same and we all have the same fate? Do we forget that in the greater scheme of things that we are all equally made, maybe not in gifts and talents but physically we will all die. Nobody truly knows the source of life… I choose to believe in a higher power which I choose to call God. This personal choice is purely by experience and my own understanding. There are too many things in my life that point to a supernatural form of protection and an internal guide for me to ignore and pretend like there is nothing higher than myself. This is my choice, I am grateful to my creator, to the source of my life, just for giving me each day that I am given most importantly and then for everything that I have been provided with. Sometimes I’m like a spoilt child and I wish I had more, I am human… but then very quickly I am reminded of how much more I have than so many others and I find myself grateful once again for everything that I have, both great and small.

If you cannot appreciate what you have now, why do you feel like you deserve more. If you cannot say thank you , who will want to help you? If you cannot take your pride and put it away, who will want to walk with you? look at your life and find the positive things and just BE GRATEFUL.

Live your life in gratitude.

Written By Tammy – Lynn Murphy

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