3 steps forward, 1 step back – Week 6

We all know that nobody can say no to cake for their birthday, I mean you only turn 39 once… right? However, when your birthday lasts a week and a new cake is coming with every celebration then you have a small problem. It’s rude not to have as slice of your own birthday cakes… all 3 of them ( Is it not?)

So here I am, more than half of a kilogram heavier than what I was when this birthday thing began. Isn’t it amazing how much work it takes to lose a kilogram yet how easy it is to gain one. Its the most unbalanced annoying fact of life ever. Now to lose the weight its going to take me 5 times the effort it took to eat the amazing birthday cake that I got to eat. On the brighter side of things I am still on the other side of 90, which was my greatest concern as I really didn’t want to have to go through that again.

I have a new respect for the kilogram however, now that I have to lose it AGAIN. The months ahead are looking like really hard work and its going to take adjusting my focus to get myself back on track. I have to get my lazy butt back to the gym, into progress mode and find my way back to healthy eating. I honestly feel like I’m starting all over again just because I defaulted for a week. Thank goodness I only have one birthday a year, so no more excuses for me. Target weight is 75 kilograms… +/- 15 to go.

5 ways to get myself back on track and focused:

1- Stand on a scale and feel the remorse of deviating in the first place.

2- Early morning meditation and prayer to start off my day.

3- Plan my meals for the week and prepare them for convenience.

4- Make sure I have my healthy snacks covered for those times I need to nibble on something

5- Reward myself for sticking to the plan and reaching even the smallest goals.

Live your life as healthy as you possibly can.

Written by: Tammy – Lynn Murphy

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