Bad hair day

Look, we all have bad hair days. Its not just a girl thing, it affects everyone. There are those days that your hair just won’t do what its supposed to. Then what? Some can just visit the barber and cut it off (its great to be a guy) the rest of us have to take less drastic measures and find a solution in other forms like gel, ponytails or cover it up with a scarf. If anyone knows what a bad hair day looks like its us curly haired people. Curly hair can be so testy if it wants to be. I personally have the coverups down to perfection and I’m happy to just wrap it up in a scarf for the day to avoid it altogether.

Isn’t it amazing how most people wish they had different hair. Straight hair wishes it was curly, curly hair wishes it was straight. Thick hair wishes to be thin and thin hair wishes to be thick. People always seem to want the opposite of what they have been given.

On my journey away from chemically altering my hair to be straight into the world of the natural and very curly, I had to find it in myself to embrace myself as I am without any changes. Just naturally me. I went through a no make up phase too, just to allow myself to feel the world through the eyes of my natural skin and my natural hair. Admittingly it was not the easiest process as one feels so naked without their coverups and it feels as if the world can see you for who you truly are. The beauty of it all was finding that who you truly are really is good enough and the people that do not embrace you as you are, are the ones that should not be in your life in the first place.

Fully embracing my natural look has been the most liberating feeling for me. Finding beauty in my flaws, finding people that appreciate me as I am and understanding that makeup is there only to accentuate what I already have, not to cover up completely and redo my entire face. Ladies, I’m not saying that makeup is bad, love the look, love the beautiful faces, what I am asking is, how do you feel without it? Do you love what’s underneath that make up as much as you love the result with makeup?

I believe that everyone has their own path to walk on and no path is the wrong path because where you are now will always lead you to where you need to go, it’s just that we choose a difficult route sometimes and it makes our lives harder. If you choose the path centered in your being you will be at peace, no matter how bumpy the road. The body you were given is suited to you and your purpose, whether you have curly hair or straight hair really is of no consequence to the bigger picture. I don’t think that when people remember you they will reminisce about how perfect your hair was or how flawlessly you applied you make up. They will remember your heart though and how you treated yourself and them.

Being real and true is so much more important than being perfectly put together. This is something I have to remind myself of every time I feel an OCD moment coming along. Life is not my things or my hair, nor is it my clothes, life is the love I surround myself with in the form of the people I choose to surround myself with. So that bad hair day that used to worry me before becomes a non factor and I remember that there’s nothing some braids cant overcome! ( Just kidding) No matter how I wear my hair or make-up … I am always uniquely and unquestionably me underneath it all, and that for me is the best lesson I could have taught myself.

Happy Friday people, live your best life even through a bad hair day!

Written By: Tammy- Lynn Murphy



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