Week 5 – Birthday week

Week 5 was in my honest opinion a lazy week. The only exercise I managed was dance class, I did not see the inside of a gym nor did I go for an afternoon run. My eating was not too bad, I did have alcohol though, 3 glasses of red wine, 2 shots of tequila Jack and lime and lots of water in between. Diet was a bust on Saturday night. Also had a slice of cake for my mums’ birthday. As I write this I’m realizing that tomorrow is my birthday – 12 Feb (Although you are reading this the day after my birthday) and I’m most likely going to not eat what I’m supposed to and have cake again. I’m watching the scale though and it is behaving, I have not done any damage, yet I obviously have not lost much this week 0.2 kg’s down. It could be worse I guess.

In other news I have braided my hair and I’m loving it. The challenge here is to do what I want and not care what anyone else has to say about it. In the spirit of challenging myself and making improvements to my internal conversations. I love my hair and I’ll be rocking this look for at least 2 weeks.

Because I decide who I am and I decide what I’m going to do with my life, and yes I have slacked off this week due to life celebrations. However, I have every intention to increase the intensity of my workout program after this week of celebration and to focus on the positive side to what I am doing here instead of the things I cannot have, if I want to improve.

When challenging oneself to create a positive change its important to have the conversation EVERYDAY with yourself to keep your mind focused on the goal and the positive outcome in the long run. If you don’t continuously remind yourself of the positive then the negative will take over and you will lose. Focus on the positive things and remind yourself why you are making the changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Written By: Tammy – Lynn Murphy


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