Have no fear

I always worried that nobody would be interested in what I have to say. When I look at the blog in the afternoon and the views are low it makes me feel somewhat despondent, but not always because more times that most now people have come up to me and given me amazing feedback on what I have to say and it keeps me motivated to do better and to be the best version of myself even when things are quiet. I had a moment this weekend when fear set in but not for too long because before I knew it from nowhere this overwhelming feeling of peace came over me and the words “have no fear” play in my mind. As I hear these words I take a deep breath and remind myself that I have everything that I need, I am grateful for everything that I have and I take a look at how far I have come from where I used to be. I look to myself, to compare myself to where I once was in order to pull myself out of a possible relapse where the ‘old’ me wants out. Finding balance is my song that I preach to every one and if there is a shift in my balance I have to listen to what my mind, body and soul are trying to tell me.

I remember a time when I heard a message that said: “When the resistance grows its because you are close to where you need to be!”, and it seems that I am being thrown challenges from all corners of my life. I have received them all and I have managed them as best I can. The temptation to take measures that do not serve my purpose to make this blog work have crept into my mind. But the purpose of the blog is to free my mind, and to share myself with anyone that wants to hear what I have to say. Even if there is only 1 or 2 people in the room.

So here I am, standing tall and strong in my path that I have set for myself, willing to take the journey for all that it is and embrace it no matter what comes at me, telling myself that I will write because I have something to say no matter who is or is not listening, and the day I stop will be the day I have lost my voice. Today’s stats do not determine my success. All today’s stats have done is taken me from a place of uncertainty to a place of realizing that no matter what, I am rooted in peace, love and joy and that no matter what happens here I will always give my best, do my best and show even just one person that they deserve the best that I have to give. So thank you for firing up even more passion inside of me for this path that I have set for myself . I will have no fear , because the only possible outcome is success, in one way or another.

Live your life in faith not fear.

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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