Friday vibes

It’s the second Friday of February and its been amazing. So far my birthday month has lived up to its standard. Loving my early birthday goodies! I’ve celebrated my Mums’ birthday and a few friends have also thrown their birthday celebrations into this month. My favorite month of the year seriously! The positive energy and magic that fills this time for me is truly worth celebrating! February people are just such beautiful souls, I am so blessed to be a part of the crew!

My thoughts for today are focused on the people I surround myself with. I had a conversation with my sister from another mother (for all intent and purpose) and I was explaining to her how my circle works. I have people that I allow “in my bubble”. These people are people that I trust with my deepest inner most thoughts and feelings, people that I can turn to when I feel vulnerable and they will always create a safe space for me no matter what the situation is. This is a very small circle because not everybody can have access to your deepest inner most thoughts and fears. Then I have a wider circle of friends who I love and trust in my space and are also in close proximity to me and my life, but they are not in my bubble, not because they are unworthy, but because the bubble is fragile and it’s only reserved for the people that are FOR ME. They are not here just for the journey I have currently chosen, they are ALWAYS on my side and in my corner no matter what I do right or wrong. The people on the outer layer to my bubble are also there for me, but they are not bonded to me in the way that I am comfortable to bear my soul. I love having these friends in my space, in my life and I love having them in my life, I fully support them and I fully support our friendship (or else I wouldn’t hang out with them), these are long term friendships that are cherished and I do share most of myself with them, but not all. I love them dearly and I would move mountains for them (if I could) and they are truly important to me.

The third layer of my circle is for the souls that are in my space for a short amount of time and then they leave. This friendship is like a whirlwind of amazingness (Is this a word?) and feels almost too good to be true and then before you know it poof… they have moved on. These are the friends who are with you as long as you are serving a purpose for them, they are only on their side and never truly were on your side. Its important to identify these friendships and not to become too attached because when they move along they will do it without even a blink about you. Not because they don’t care, but they have served their purpose, their work in your life is done and so is your work in theirs. Let them go with love and always keep the friendship in your heart.

My fourth layer is where I find my acquaintances. The people that I know, but not really that well and we occasionally hang out and have a blast but our lives are not tied to each other. We are merely connected souls that enjoy each others conversation and company whenever we cross paths. I may invite you to a birthday party , or not… I truly like you as a person, we just are not in each others space ALL the time. I am not calling this person when I am in trouble.

Then there is everyone else. A world full of possible connections and friends or possible betrayals, who knows. The beauty of life is to meet and connect and just to love and enjoy the process. Life can be so amazing if you allow yourself to experience fully and to connect openly with new souls. It can also be extremely lonely if you choose to close yourself off, just because one or two didn’t work out the way you expected. Yes guard your heart, be mindful of who is allowed in you inner most circles, but feel free to roam and connect, you never know what gems you may run into and what souls will lift you up or even stay with you forever.

I have tried to keep people at arms length and not to allow new people in for fear of the possible pain they may bring into my life. All that did was isolate me and create a lonely path where friends were few. Have you ever had that feeling where you are surrounded by so many people but still felt alone? I have, many times before as a result of shutting myself off from the endless possibilities of connection. Don’t allow the fears of your past to keep you from a beautiful present and a future filled with love, light and friendship. Set yourself free to the realms of friendship and allow the connections to happen naturally. Never force a friendship though, if its not a natural process then please let it go, there is nothing worse than clinging to a person that doesn’t have a mutual connection to you. You are causing your own pain, because that person will break the tie that YOU have created and move on with their life. You will only have yourself to blame. Loosen the grip you have on people, they are not YOURS to keep and hold onto. If they do not willingly and naturally respond to you, let them be.

An authentic connection is priceless, but a forced connection can be very expensive and cost you more than it is worth. Choose wisely, always be kind and NEVER hold someone hostage using guilt to keep them in your life. Love is not clingy, it is freeing and understanding that everyone is on their own path. The key is to find the souls that love you unconditionally and celebrate you just for being you no matter which path you choose.

Live your life with those that are naturally drawn to you.

Written by: Tammy – Lynn Murphy


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