We see you

To everyone in this world, both the good and the bad. Why has it become such a difficult thing to maintain respect for women? All women, even those that in your opinion don’t deserve respect. Did you know that how you react to or treat other people is actually a reflection of yourself and not them? So when you overlook a situation, you are actually overlooking yourself and what you stand for, that is, if you claim to be ‘one of the good guys’. When you oppress, abuse, use and disrespect, you leave your mark of darkness on this world, forever in that soul that you have broken. You cannot escape yourself, she sees you, forever stained on her soul, your dark ugliness, burnt into the core of who she once was. How grateful I am that not all is lost and there are some, though not many with clean hearts who make the right choices and follow the path of light, honoring and correcting the mistakes of others. Not all is lost, but what a fight we have ahead of us because more and more every day, women of the world are being targeted, disrespected, raped , abused and thrown away, why does this have to happen?

Is it because she chose prostitution to make ends meet, because her father abused her and she had no value of self, needed to eat and chose that escape. Of course drugs are part of that package to numb the pain of living the life she has been thrown into. Now she knows better and has chosen to do better… why do you need to remind her of where she was? Why do you need to punish her for hurting herself? Has she not been punished enough by the harsh reality of her mere existence? Why do you not feel like giving this life a chance to grow, to learn and to actually love? 

Maybe because she chose to have that affair with a married man? She regrets every moment of that decision? Why do you constantly remind her that she made that choice so many years ago? She confided in you and now you use her confidence to control her emotions and guilt her into staying, because according to you nobody will want her, and nobody will love her. Why have you chosen to reflect your evil ways on her and them blame her for your darkness? What you are doing does not reflect badly on her, but instead highlights the cruelty in you.

So she chose to run away from school and was convinced by that man that she was worthless. He used her to his hearts content and then threw her away, like a piece of garbage, literally high on whatever he pumped into her body, left in the dirt, broken and alone. Ashamed of the one choice that would frame her entire adult life. Why in world do you choose to chew this little girl up and spit her out like she was nothing. Now as she tries to numb the pain in any way and form, looking for love in all the wrong places, why do you still choose to see this girl, continue to use her and continue to spit her out? You show the world your true colors, by these actions that you try to hide, but she sees you, that little girl, that you used and abused, she knows the darkness in your heart. 

Why do women continue to be punished for the choices they made to escape pain? Why do you feel like you have the power to judge a person in pain? As dark as you may see them, they see you as darker. Your evil overshadows theirs and your true colours show through. Do you really think you can hide behind that fake smile forever? Do you really think that someone wont eventually see through your lies? I see through your lies. I see through your pretense, your darkness will not overshadow me and I will shine my light on those you inflict your pain on, if I could fight my way through pain and suffering then these broken souls can too.

Dont be that guy that pretends to be full of light when inside all he spreads is darkness, because we see you. Dont be that girl that tries to hide her pain and demolishes everything that stands in her way, we see you. We see you hiding from the truth, we see you hiding from yourself. The world is no longer asleep, the world is waking up to all thats been hidden for so long. People are choosing to expose it for what it is, they choose to tell their stories and create a light in the darkness. Those that inflict pain are being called out more and more, and I tell you again you cannot hide forever because we see you!

Live your life in truth and light.

Written By: Tammy Murphy

Photo Cred: Cirsty Spies


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