A helping hand

The best way to be true to yourself is to share yourself with others. Its a lonely life all by yourself and nobody wants to be around selfish, self absorbed people anyway. I’m not saying don’t be self caring, and I’m not saying be a yes person all the time. What I am saying is : If you have a quality or a gift that can improve the lives of other people then it is your duty to share it. If you don’t you will be depriving not only yourself but everybody you could possibly help in the process.

I have not always been open to help or to step into situations that could complicate my comfortable bubble, in fact I always have this moment of hesitation before, because I know that with stepping up comes a great responsibility and I’m not always certain of my ability to create change. I guess it comes with the process of self assurance, which one is never really gonna have in tact 100% if you are constantly pushing boundaries and looking for ways to grow and challenge yourself.

I do know though, that when I do take the time to help anyone in any way, whether it be a a simple conversation or taking the time to check on a troubled person, even just taking the time to give an old lady a lift to where they need to go every once in a while, donating time to the underprivileged. Anything really that you don’t HAVE to do, but CHOOSE to do because you have the resources and you have the time. I really get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in using myself to make someone else’s life better without any expectations or requirements in return. It is by far the most rewarding feeling I have had and I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a try. The gratitude that these people have for you and your blessing can bring you a deeper level of joy and purpose that most never get to experience.

Not everybody is a Mother Theresa, I know. Not everybody has the time, I know. But opportunities always present themselves to help someone in need, and its entirely up to you whether you take up the challenge to be kind or not, to show love or not. Buy someone groceries that you know are in need without them even knowing it was you or let them know it was you, doesn’t matter, just do it. Knowing that it was you who fed a family this week can be truly uplifting for your soul. All I’m saying is, look around you, lend a hand where you can. Whether its just your time, or your talents, or your money. Just look up, and see the world. Help to be the light that shines through it. 🙂

Live your life in light.

Be the light that shines through the world

Written By: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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