My challenge: Week 1

To be brutally honest, I’m really struggling with this exercise thing. My body is so heavy that nothing is easy at this point. Not even girly push ups are cool for my arms to handle. However, I will not despair, for this is only my first week and I truly wasn’t expecting miracles. I have however pushed through and made it a week of positive change and hard work!

My eating plan has been on point, I’ve stuck to halving my sugar and not having any processed food. I’m going to admit that I did have a very thin slice of cake to celebrate a life, however this was my only cheat food. I was so well behaved. I don’t think I’m ready to crank it up a notch just yet and I will stick to what I’ve been doing for another week. No weights just as yet, only using my body weight, lots of cardio and lots of stretching. I’m focused on the diet adjustment for now more than anything.

I do already feel a change in my health overall. My heavy breathing isn’t as bad anymore and my body feels like its actually been working out and its liking it. I’m really not looking for a miracle, just small improvements until I can really jump straight into a proper eating plan and routine. I do know myself well enough though to understand that if I do too much too quickly I will never stick with any of the changes and this will be short lived. So easy does it. Week 1 a success. I think I’m ready to measure myself now an weigh myself so I can start keeping track. I went in blind, mainly because I didn’t want to face the truth, the time is now. Updates on this next week (hopefully we see some slight improvements).

I try to remain positive by continuously reminding myself of all I’ve already accomplished and that this too shall pass. I have overcome, smoking, I have overcome self blame, I have overcome childhood fears and things that haunted me, I have grown in confidence and I’m doing what I love. I can handle this! I’ve set to lose 17 kg’s because my health depends on it and a healthy body holds a healthy mind. Its all about balance and I’ve been focusing mostly on spiritual and my mind, neglecting my body. Its time to show my body as much love as I do my mind and soul.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me so far in this journey and helped me to stay focused and positive. Blessed to be surrounded by love. If you have any tips for me I am happy to take into consideration any suggestions that can help me in my process back to a healthy body.

Live your life in balance.

Written by Tammy-Lynn Murphy



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