Poor old Monday

Why do we find ourselves feeling so blue on a Monday. What did poor Monday ever do to us? It’s like we have issues with it just because it comes after Sunday… Poor old Monday.

Maybe its because Sunday gives us what we really want and that’s free time and no limitations and Monday means we have to follow someone else’s rules. If we could do on Monday what we did on Sunday and still get paid would we then begin to hate on Tuesday? Ah .. so its not about Monday after all. Its more about being unhappy with the choice you have made for a career or for the choice you have made to generate an income? Feeling trapped in the circle of 9 to 5 like the majority of the world and hating on poor Monday because of it… Shame on you. Monday is only doing what every other day of the week is doing. The sun comes up and goes back down, it gives you 24 hours like every other day. Monday is no different to Saturday or Sunday, its you who chooses to be different on these days, its you who chose the 9 to 5 to create the life that you have chosen for you.

If you hate on it so much, why not try something new? Change the way you do your Monday and try to find where your happiness lies. Maybe a prayer in the morning will brighten your day, or some exercise to jump start your body into motion. I know an early rise, some quiet time, a little prayer with some time to share between me and my maker does it for me. A cup of coffee and some writing is what makes my morning feel free. A little yoga, a stretch or two, some breakfast can also take away your blues. Try a little music, sing along songs… its your morning why not make it worth your time. Does it have to be… rush, rush, rush get up and get out? Its you who can change this crazy thing you do, where there’s no time for happiness, just rushing it through.

Its all about you and the choices you choose. Its not a race, you have nothing to lose. Take the time to do whats best for you, change your mind into believing it to be true. One thing at a time, one day at a time. Make positive changes and find your own design!

Live your life loving every single day!

Do what you love and love what you choose to do.

Written by Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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