Setting truth free

The truth is that nobody really knows what they are doing. Some of us are totally lost and havent a clue, others have found a way that works for them and act in faith that theirs is the way, but in the end nobody really knows. We are born, we live and we die. What we do with the life part is what counts for as long as we are alive. We cannot be certain of what comes with death, there are many theories, but they will only be proven right or wrong once we experience death for ourselves. So what is the purpose of life? Why does it even exist? What are we supposed to do with it?

There are many stories told from generation to generation, tribe to tribe, village to village, city to city and family to family. Most of these stories are based on choices made by people many many years ago. All looking for a purpose, a higher purpose, a reason.We carry these beliefs so blindly even though so many mistakes have been made in persuit of this higher purpose, lives have been lost and people have been sacrificed in search of it. Many have found it in the form of religion, others in the form of spirituality, others look just to themselves and some even look to nature. Will man ever find what they are looking for and at what cost? How much more will be killed and destroyed in pursuit of purpose. Sometimes I think its not really purpose that we search for but power. People have become greedy for power and are willing to destroy others to get it.

Children are growing up in a world where they are not safe in thier own family. Murder has become such a thing that people fear for their lives every day, woman cannot walk alone in the street for fear of being robbed or raped. Husbands will rather kill their wives than let them go and wives are no longer putting up with cheating husbands, families are broken, people are broken, children are broken. Yet so many will turn a blind eye to the things they see, and choose to do nothing. I know its easier to mind your own business. Its easier to pretend like it didnt happen and to move forward and carry on. Its easier to hold a grudge than to have the conversation. It’s easier to type a message than to make a call, or take the time to actually visit. We cower from all these things because we are afraid. We are afraid to get involved because we will have to be responsible for something. Yet in all of this we still look for purpose, we look for higher power, we look for peace, we look for more. But we will not look at ourselves and make the changes we need to make. We will not look at our families and address the problems that we face, we dont want to make the efforts, but we sure do want the rewards. We sure do want the power, and we always want to have more than we truly deserve… Bleek right? Not really because as a result of all this pain and suffering we have birthed a generation who has chosen to come out of their pain stronger, wiser and have found their power in the very pain that tried to take it away from them. We have birthed a generation of fighters, of winners, of leaders who are willing to speak out and not hide from the truth.

We celebrate a time where there are more motivational /inspirational speakers now than ever before, more power stories than ever before, people are overcoming their pain and speaking out, weakening the strength of the thing that once caused pain using it to empower their fellow people. The world is not afraid to fight back anymore, people are choosing to use their lives as a classroom to share their knowledge and the world is growing in a new generation. One that won’t be quiet, one that will fight for whats right, one that doesnt turn a blind eye to evil in this world. A generation thats tired of greed, of murder, of racism, of rape. A generation that stands together when it matters most. Even though there is a long way to go, look how far we have come. Now is the time to do the work, to free yourself of negative beliefs that others have forced on you. Let go of who the world wants you to be and just be who you are! Be free, be amazing, be life, be love, be the being that God created you to be and allow yourself to use every opportunity given to you because of a generation that is willing to fight for what is right,

Live your life in truth and wholeness, never compromise who you are.

Its a new year use it dont waste it.

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy



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