Light hearted

Because its festive I wanted to try and keep it light on the heart and focus on all things joyful. Its not always easy to focus on the things we love and cherish, and to reflect on blessings and accomplishments. Many people take the time to go through their year and to make mental notes of everything they have and have not accomplished. I know I do, its good for one to acknowledge accomplishments and to renew their goals to start afresh in the new year. There are however many that think its corny and are already blasting those that do new years resolutions and posting about how ridiculous they are. I respect both types of people, because what would the world be if there was only one opinion on everything. Nobody would disagree, everyone would be on the same path and oh what a bore life would be. It’s all about variety and spice.

Just because I believe in reflection and goal setting doesn’t mean that everyone has to follow suite. Its important to live your own truth and to be faithful to who you are as an individual. Soppy and corny is not for everyone, neither are horror movies or olives for that matter. Some things are an acquired taste and not everyone will acquire the same tastes in life as you. Variety really does spice things up and makes life exciting.

So to everyone who is reflecting on 2018, great, it can benefit you greatly by making assessments of your positives and negatives and figuring out how you will rectify and do better next year. or at least try to. To everyone that wont be reflecting for whichever reason they choose, I hope that you will be mindful of those that are making different choices to you and respect their path as they will respect yours. Nobody is right or wrong here, everyone is just doing the best they can with what they have been given. Lets try to be understanding of each others nature and respectful of each others choices.

Not everyone can be free, not everyone can be true, but if you choose love in all circumstances then everyone you touch can make it through this life feeling that somehow light had found its way to them in this world of darkness through you. Would that not be a wonderful thing?

Live your life being the best you that you can possibly be.

Enjoy the process of everything!

Written by: Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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