Don’t miss now

We want what we don’t have and we don’t really want what we have right in front of us. Sometimes we have what we want but still want more… This is what makes us unhappy. We miss what we already have, in pursuit of what we think we want. This defeats the purpose of gratitude and makes us greedy for more always.

I realized that I sabotage myself by overlooking the things I already have in my life hoping for a dream in my distant thoughts. Not appreciating what’s in front of me because I’m so impatient to have those other things

I’ve been selling myself short to please my idea of what my life is supposed to be and missing so many amazing things here. Even when I’m in a moment I begin to imagine what it would be like if I was in another moment a better moment but this moment right here is so amazing too and I missed the feeling of joy and appreciation for what is happening in my present moment.

The cheeky smile on my face right now when I acknowledge that I have everything I need and more and I’m excited about what’s to come. The memories of some recent cute moments that I totally missed because I was obsessing about being in control . Control is over rated but letting go of it is really difficult when you have built your existence around it. The good news is… difficult is not impossible and if the work is done anything is possible.

I love that its easy now to make conscious decisions regarding the things I was once oblivious to and to be aware of how possible change really is. I love that I have amazing people to remind me of this when I slip into my old thoughts and I’m able to snap back to where I am now. A life filled of self awareness and love is something that needs to be worked on constantly because its easy to slip into sleepwalking again.  

Live your life in continuous growth.

Written by: Tammy Murphy

There is always room to grow.