Happiness counts

Can you remember the last time you were so happy you could burst? I certainly can!

It happens every time my daughter has these random moments of bliss, and I get to experience them with her. Reaping the reward of all the work I put into raising her. When I get to see her little mind grow and blossom into such beauty that I’m even amazed at the level of emotional understanding this little girl has developed. It also happens every time I realize how blessed I am to be surrounded by the group of people I have around me, both far and near. The support systems that are willing to invest their time and emotional energy into my well being. When I’m celebrated by both family and complete strangers because its my birthday, or when I get to give blessings to people that don’t expect the blessings to come. When the hard work I have spent all my time and energy on finally pays off and I see the light at the end of that long road I have been on. When someone you least expect pays you a compliment just to pay you a compliment. When someone gives you something special and expects nothing in return and vice versa.  When someone I love, loves me right back, unconditional love, different types of love, mother-daughter love, brother-sister love, friend-friend love, romantic love, mutual respect love, human nature/nurture love, every type of love when its given and received creates a series of happy moments in which we can marvel at the beauty of this thing we have called life. 

Yes I know there are those in between moments of challenges and pain, sometimes unfairness and back-stabbing with some deceit and lies, I get it, every bunch of roses has thorns. But when you receive the roses, do you focus on the beauty of the flowers, or the thorns on the stems? Your experience of life will always be based on what you choose to focus on. Are you dwelling on everything you don’t have, or do you choose to appreciate what you do have and focus on growing them? 

Be who you choose to be, don’t let the negativity of the world force you into darkness. Choose light, choose love, choose happiness. 

Live your life in light , love and happiness. 

Random outbursts of laughter are the best!

Written By: Tammy Murphy



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