Passionately Obsessed

Have you ever found yourself looking someone up online to the point of borderlining stalker behaviour? I think more and more people have found themselves obsessing over other people and the internet has definately made it pretty easy for the border line stalker to get everything they need to know on whoever the subject of prey is. In fact most young people today make internet stalking a skill that is a must. They must know everything about their new friend or their new crush. It almost seems like it becomes vital to their very survival and if they dont find what they are looking for… DEATH BY LACK OF BEING ABLE TO STALK! Because there is maybe 1 in almost nobody under 30 that is private and feels that some things need to be kept to themselves. 

I was one of the last lucky few that got to experience being a teenager with no proof of anything except for what I chose to share, and stalking was just that, real stalking. Following people around, literally… and its as crazy as it sounds, BECAUSE ITS STALKING. I once went with a friend on a stalking mission. We followed a guy just because we saw him in the mall, she was crushing on this guy and she decided .. lets stalk. OK so in the 90’s stalking looked like stalking. Literally following the person in their car, and watching them. Creepy right? RIGHT! Extremely creepy,  because its not normal, its not healthy and you should not be doing it… Right?  Its been made so easy to overlook the reality of cyber stalking someone in this age. It creeps me out to see how much information a proper stalker can get off the internet about random people. Most people don’t actually expose ALL their information for the world to share and choose what they want available or not. But there are ways and means to get WHATEVER your stalkery hearts desire! It creeps me out, until I have some skilled teenager showing me things I would never have seen. 

Look, I’m not judging. I’m just expressing the sheer amazement in how this could even become a career for some. Dedicate your life to looking up everyone and anyone. Why? because you can I guess. To me.. creepy is creepy. But I wont lie. I have looked up a person or 2 and found that internet stalking feels much safer than back in 1998. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that its right, but it sure can be lots of fun! Especially for girls. Research is key to almost everything and this new way of life sure does make our curiosity easier to indulge. It opens our eyes to secrets we should know and it keeps us from making fools of ourselves through other peoples lies and deceit. 

If theres any thing I can express though is… keep it classy girls. Cyber bullying is a killer. If you are going to play the game, play nice. 

You’re never too old to play!

Live your life in smiles and playfulness. 

Written By: Tammy Murphy 


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