Finding your feet

There really is no better way to find your feet than to stumble through those first few steps clumsily. Sometimes you even need a helping hand to guide you before you venture off on your own. Its how we all managed to find our feet in the beginning and its how we will have to find our feet along the journey too. There is no baby that came out walking. They first observed this thing their parents do, then they try to copy them with the support of their parents and then they go off and try on their own. Its never done without falling many times, its never done without crawling first and they never give up. They may cry a few tears when they fall, but in no time will be at it again. Until finally they can walk, mission accomplished … now off to the next mission.

Our path in life as an adult is a continuation of every mission we accomplished from a baby through all our stages and finally where we are today. There is no person that is in the wrong place. They are merely in the place that their effort and choices have placed them. I know you are going to say but its not my fault I was born into a poor family or a broken family or whatever circumstance. I agree, its not your fault where you were born, but your placement of where you are as an adult will be based on how you made your way through whichever path life took you through. Did you fight your way through? Did you try your best all the time? Did you make the most of what you had? Did you get up every time you fell, or did you just stay down? Did you give up before you even began? Did that determined desire you had inside of you as a baby, as a toddler, as a child die down with every disappointment. Have you let life hold you back and keep you from exploring? Why are you so worried about what people will say? And not worried about what you should say? Who do you live for? I ask these questions because I too have been knocked down many times. Each time got more difficult to get up. But what I’ve realized is that with each time I get knocked down, the knock gets harder and each time I get up the pain tried to keep me down. Until one day something happened inside of me. I saw that child I used to be in a dream, she was so free and happy, confident and playful. Dancing on stages, singing in choirs, learning to love. I saw the light get sucked out of that little girls eyes, but not completely they couldn’t take it all, she held on to a glimmer of who she once was and that’s what saved me. That glimmer of light, that never left. That glow of hope, that I had to find all on my own. I searched and searched until I found what I was looking for… Me, the old me, the new me, the broken me the healed me, the baby me, the adult me… all just me. Waiting patiently to breathe, to exhale and allow myself to find myself again. Step by step I had to find my feet, day by day I had to earn my way. Reading, learning, practicing, trying, talking, listening, stumbling. until finally the day came, it was like a swoosh of understanding whisping through my body. The day I found my feet again, the day I remembered who I am, who I was, and finally embraced who I wanted to be.ย 

That day was the day I reconnected with myself, I was no longer afraid of what the world will say and unapologetically embraced who I am and what my purpose is. I write because Im free, I write because its what I’ve done for as far back as I remember for myself. I share myself with you because I hope that some of what I share might spark a little glimmer in you, that you too can find your feet if you are stumbling and take baby steps to a life of self realisation, self love and self respect. Its easy to blindly walk through life and not know who you are, follow the leader and then die. Thats the easy way out, its not very rewarding though to choose that path. Its rewarding to follow your own lead, find your own path , live your best life and grow yourself into everything you could ever be and more. Yes that will be the difficult path, but its the one worth finding and stumbling on until you find your feet. 

Live your life authentically. 

Written by: Tammy Murphy 



  1. โ€œDid you try your BEST all the time?โ€ What a punch line! These questions are soooo profound.

    Thank you Ms Murphy for challenging us to be our best selves!

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