Losing the plot

It takes everything from a person to be a parent; from diapers to verbal diarrhea, to attitude, tantrums, poop, and of course keeping them alive and healthy, because if you don’t you can go to jail.  Its not even a joke, if something happens to the kid in your care you can get locked up for negligence… I mean talk about pressure! Especially when you have one of those kids that test your patience until you lose the plot entirely , but then you cant do a dam thing about it except break down into a BALL OF TEARS because you just cant hold it in any longer and you also cant eliminate the crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, kids are a blast… sometimes. The cutest, cuddliest, most lovable little people you could ever ask for. Its those moments in between the crazy,  that keep us loving them and protecting them fiercely from any form of harm that we can. There is a perfect balance between going completely insane and wanting to “burn the house down” ( not literally of course, coz you will have to pay for that) and being amazed at how much you can love these little humans.

Its all about finding a balance and making an effort to take the time for your self. Relaxation, quiet, exercise, massages, yes everything you can possibly do to keep your sanity I will suggest to any parent. There’s is nothing worse than being so stressed out and frustrated, that all your little person sees is that side of you. the angry side, the stressed out side , the impatient, not now, I’m busy side of you. they are watching your every move, soaking in every bit of information we give them, not only verbally , but physically and emotionally too. They are like little sponges, literally absorbing everything around them and interpreting it according to their own understanding. I know its tough, I know sometimes it feels like you not going to make it and that you are an absolute failure… at least I do. But let me assure you that no matter how much of a failure you feel like you are, its not true, it is just an illusion that the stress of parenting is trying to create for you. An illusion that can be dealt with through self love and lots of time taken to breathe and love yourself.

Parenting is such a blessing, but who said that blessings are always easy. I mean we get to love these little humans and watch them grow into bigger humans , who drive us crazy but even through all of that the reward of having them in our lives is so much greater that any materialistic thing the world has to offer. The love between a parent and a child is unconditional and irreplaceable. It is also bat shit crazy and full of drama. Thank goodness we all have our own way of parenting, and nobody knows your child’s needs better than you do! Yes, people can contribute and offer advice or assistance, but in the low down dirty nitty gritty of that kid, there is nobody more equipped to love them, nurture them and provide for them than you.

Remember nobody is a better parent to your kid than you are,  only you can love them unconditionally and drive them insane at the same time, because they do it to you, so its only fair that we return the favour? Right? Agreed.

Roll with the punches, cry the tears  and run the race because it will all be worth it in the end when your kid turns out to be everything they were born to be and so much more.

Live your life in light and love.

Tammy Murphy


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