Surviving Toxic

Its easy to be trapped in a cycle of toxic, well, anything nowadays. Toxic people, toxic work,  toxic friends and toxic relationships, toxic parents,  the news is toxic, the air is even toxic in most places, so is the water. How does one survive in this world that’s full of toxic everything?  You can remove yourself entirely ( both physically and mentally)  from the problem or maybe you have no choice but to stay where you are, then the only way is to remove yourself mentally and detach yourself from the emotion of the toxic situation. I have found myself at times where I’m surrounded by toxic behavior and thoughts , but at the time was unable to remove myself physically from the problem. I escaped by shifting my focus, from the things that are negative in my space to the things that are positive in my space. I shifted to what I love about my space and moved my attention away from the toxic nature of the surroundings I was forced to be in. It didn’t change what was happening , it did however changed how it affected me and how I reacted to it. I did not give it any power over me any more and I chose to focus on anything I had that was positive to focus on. Sometimes I had to dig so deep that I found myself focusing on my 10 fingers and toes, or my legs and arms and my healthy body, simply because there was absolutely nothing else going on that I could use. I mean how much more did I need? I have 10 fingers and toes, two working legs , two working arms, a working spine and a working brain. I mean the list can go on with things to focus on besides the nagging, lingering darkness of people around me.

Toxic can take over your state of mind if you don’t find a way around it. Once it creeps into your mind, it creates a darkness inside of you that is extremely difficult to remove. It’s not impossible, but difficult, and requires a lot of work that most people don’t want to do. People want the peace of mind and the results, but are not willing to do the work. If we do not start with ourselves, and create a toxic free environment in our minds, then we cannot create a toxic free environment in the world. We have to do the work. We have to heal the wounds, we have to create a safe space for ourselves in the parameters of our own mind before we can spread the positive light that can combat toxic darkness. Its a war between the two, and darkness is overtaking simply because we don’t want to do the work, we don’t take the time to learn who we are and how much strength we truly have. We choose the easy route and sadly, it will only take us down the road of  destruction.

Its time to fight the fight and win the war between light and darkness. Who will you choose to feed on a daily basis? How much effort is the life you were given worth? How much love do you have for your self? Are you willing to do the work? These are questions you need to ask yourself, and once you have the answers, then you can truly assess how valuable you are to you.

Live your life in light.

Tammy Murphy


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