Limitless me

Limiting myself by too much thought has been crippling my passion. I’m like a volcano of passion waiting to erupt! Why though do I always stop myself with  limiting thoughts? No Tammy you  will be embarrassed, you will never make that, don’t be crazy, you don’t know the answers to these things why are you even bothering, you can’t do that,what are you even thinking. My internal dialogue has been crippling me all this time and I have been moving through life filled with negative voices in my head of people who have filled me with their own limiting beliefs. I want to shout to the world to stop listening to the limitations of other people! They are crippling you and you don’t even know it! Planting seeds of fear, cant’s  and don’ts. Block your ears and stop listening, before you start believing their untruths and they take over your entire world!

Dramatic much? I know! I have been known for a taste of drama every now and then.  but if it makes you hear me and gets your attention, then my flair for the dramatic is just what everyone needs!IMG-20180716-WA0000.jpg

It has taken me years to undo the negative words that had once found a home in my mind. Even today I can say that they creep in every once in a while to destroy my plans and I have to actively remove them and reverse them with the truth that is in my being. The positive truth of my existence. The truth of life , the truth of love, the ultimate truth of abundance in everything that I believe. The fact that I have breath in my body and that I rise, is special enough for me to celebrate that this day and every day gifted to me is a day given to me with love , hope, kindness, peace,and joy. A day given to me to grow my beliefs and my dreams, to share myself with a world full of beings that are equally created to be whoever they dream to be. To learn from every being that is willing to share themselves with me. The beauty of life, the exchanges of wisdom, the understanding that everything given to me is done in love and everything that happens to me has happened to grow me and move me in the direction of a version of myself that I do not yet understand, that I have not yet met. But in time, with experience, with heartache, with love, with every hello and every goodbye, I am evolving. With every breath that I take I move closer to a new me, a me that only tomorrow holds, a me that I will one day meet and continue to grow and love with all of my being.

Yes it sounds like I’m floating on a cloud with rainbows and unicorns. But if this is my dream and my imagination, why do I have to limit it to your level of understanding. Why can I not have the unicorns, the rainbows and clouds? If it’s what grows me, what elevates me. Why do I have to conform to the standard of a rational person who has trapped themselves in a world of doom and gloom, of repetition and negativity. Why does happiness scare the world so much that if they get a glimpse of it they need to find a way to minimize it into a negative bubble and then find every means to pop it? What is so wrong with a ray of sunshine every now and again and maybe even a person believing that they have endless possibilities? The answer to that is … absolutely nothing. There is nothing wrong with seeing things in a positive light if the light doesn’t shine too brightly, because the world is terrified of a light that shines so bright that it blinds them. Do you know why? Because darkness hates light and the more light that shines in the world, the less darkness can control it. So be your free crazy unexplained light that shines in this world. Don’t let the shadows of a broken past mess with the amazing present you have called now. Look at you! Breathing , walking and even talking. What a blessing and a privilege you have over many who are no longer breathing, walking or talking. Go and run that race, start that business, jump of the mountain if you must, but use your now to its fullest. Don’t waste another moment on those dark voices telling you that you can’t, because my partner in light let me tell you that YOU CAN! YOU can be anything your dreams tell you that you are. Anything your heart tells you that you can do , you can do. Listen to yourself, your essence, you inner compass, the one guiding you to the peace that lives in your heart. Find it , live it , breathe it and follow it!


Written by: Tammy Murphy