Be you.

There comes a time in your life when you have to take the training wheels off and go for it. You cannot lean on other people, their ideas and beliefs forever – not if you truly want to become the true version of yourself. For this you have to follow your own heart and dreams. If you follow someone else’s then you are just a reflection of that person. I believe in finding guidance and using someone else’s example to find your way. Nothing can be done alone, as human beings we look for guidance outside of ourselves, and that is important. What we forget to do is follow our own internal guidance system, that we have build inside of us. Each of us is different, and while we may have similar qualities and many things in common, every individual will have a different way of doing the same thing, interpreting the same thing and loving the same thing. It’s what makes us unique; it’s what sets us apart in the animal kingdom. Not only do we have those natural instincts that every animal has, but we have the ability to think things through, use our minds to make our own decisions and become beings that are far more superior to the rest of the beings that run on this earth.


For years I have been feeding off the energy and information of people who inspire me. I have listened to them for hours and absorbed every bit of information that they have to offer. Some of it I agrees with, some of it I didn’t find agreeable. This is natural, because we are all on our individual paths and if we agree with everything everyone says then we are just floating through without an honest opinion and without the ability to tap into our true identity. If you know yourself, I mean truly know yourself, and you love yourself – truly love yourself then you will respect your opinion enough to voice it when it is needed, you will respect yourself enough not to follow the lead of everyone else and march to the beat of your own drum, create a tune that suits you and your life, your very own belief system. Everybody has one, a belief system that is. Every person believes in something or the other. Most belief systems have been taught to us by our family from a young age and so we adopt the beliefs of our parents and grandparents and follow that way, as this is what we are taught to do. However, inside, not all of us can truly accept what we have been taught to follow, it is not in our internal system to just take information and believe it to be so, and we have to study it, look into it and then form our own belief systems from there. When you are a child you allow yourself to do childish things and follow the ideas and paths of those who raise us, once we are adults, we must allow ourselves the freedom to decide who we truly are, by following our internal guide, using the information the world has given us and filtering it according your mindset and allowing yourself the freedom to be who you are meant to be. Not the person that the world around you tries to pressure you into becoming.

It’s becoming very difficult to root yourself in your own beliefs because the people around us tend to destabilize our plans by offering opinions and by openly not believing in our journey. Don’t listen to the negative voices that tell you that you cannot do something that you in your heart desire to do. Listen to the whisper in your heart that put the idea there in the first place. Allow your peace to guide your way and don’t let the noise of negativity plant fear in your life, for those people can only offer an opinion based on their level of thinking. If you think on a different level then it is like the tortoise giving the giraffe advice, or the antelope telling the lion how to hunt. This doesn’t make sense in the natural progression of life. We must be who we are born to be and get about doing the business of being ourselves immediately. We have to stop the facade and pull ourselves together and stop trying to be other people. This is why it is important to start off your day quietly and give yourself the time and quiet space to center yourself, your mind body and soul need you to feed them, to keep them balanced and well treated. For if you don’t take care of your well being … who will? When last did you take a moment to breathe and just allow yourself the time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you? When last did you have that very important conversation with yourself about how treasured you are and how loved you are and who you are and where you belong. If you don’t set these things straight in your mind then how will you believe them. When last did you take care of your body by doing the exercise that it needs, when you take care of your body, you feel better physically, when you take care of your mind, by feeding it with information regularly, you allow it to grow and when you take care of your soul, by prayer and meditation, you will find a balanced life is a blessed life, a happy life. You will find that there are choices, and anything is possible. Just believe that you are good enough and once you truly believe that then the world will follow suit. Be kind to yourself, because when you are kind to yourself, kindness to others becomes a natural thing. Be true to yourself, because then being true to loved ones will become a natural thing. The things that you feel for yourself are projected onto those around you and if you have little people looking up to you the worst thing for them is to be in a world where the people they look up to don’t even love themselves. How can we raise other humans and love other humans when we can even manage the task of loving ourselves. Find the will to overcome what’s holding you back from truly and honestly loving yourself and once you reach the top of that mountain the freedom that will follow is none like you would have ever felt!

Stay in peace and love


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