Sharing my heart


Without me realizing I was doing it, I found myself sharing my heart with people that I trusted. As I shared myself with them I began to see how my story affected their hearts. Many are mostly alarmed that I haven’t ended up in a gutter somewhere or dead, but instead stand in front of them happy and motivated to help in any and every situation that I can. My gift of sharing has become my strength. The ability to help those that are struggling with everything that I had to face on my own.  I feel fulfilled when I can open the eyes of someone that couldn’t see past their current situations or if I can use myself as a tool to lighten the load that they have had to carry and aim to help them empty it out completely. My struggle was real and still today I rise above everything that I have had to face, but instead of curling up in a ball and crying every day and moping about, I choose to do the best of my ability to share myself and put myself in the midst of the world reaching out to help when and where I can. It gives me a sense of purpose, knowing that everything I have had to live through was for a reason and I can use it to make a difference not only in my life but in the lives of others.

Its important for you to give as much of your self as you can to try an improve anything in the world. Yesterday I sat at a seminar listening to an American list all the amazing things he has done in our country for the last 4 years and he then proceeded to ask, what have you done with the last 4 years of your life? Many people around me felt terrible because this question startles most. However even though I have not been able to reach as many people as he was , I am proud to say that I can wholeheartedly say that in the last 4 years I have made a difference in many lives in different ways. whether it was a talk, a little advice, a nudge in the right direction, whether I helped you build the courage you need or if I have helped you see what you couldn’t see at the time.  I am slowly building myself into the person I wish to become , step by step, sharing myself in phases to avoid being overwhelmed by anything I may not have anticipated.


Written By: Tammy Murphy



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