Coffee Break


It’s important that we take a break, but are we just throwing a cup of coffee down our throats or are we taking the time to take in the airoma  and actually enjoy the taste of a well brewed cup of coffee. There is nothing like the scent of coffee to awaken your senses and get you started or even get you re-started. Do we miss out on the enjoyment because we are too rushed to take the time to slow down and enjoy a small moment.

I’ve been so busy rushing through my life that I rarely took the time to stop and enjoy the moments. even when i was having the time of my life it just passed me by without me even taking a moment to inhale the surroundings and take it in. Its been so busy that I rarely even remember the details.

Its time to slow things down a bit and enjoy my break. Time to learn how to appreciate the little things in life that bring pleasure. The moments that sneak up on us, creating instant smiles. Maybe in this new found state of filling myself with the little things will I find my true potential.





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